How to disable Google News

How to disable Google News . You have installed the Google News application , the Google service that aggregates news from major online newspapers, but noticed that you were using this app less and less, so you thought about getting rid of it.

In fact, in the guide you are about to read, I can show you how to disable Google News in a few easy steps. I anticipate that you can do this simply by disabling the notifications coming from the application or completing its complete uninstallation.

Index of contents

  • How to disable Google News on Android
    • Turn off Google News notifications
    • Uninstall the app
  • How to disable Google News on iOS
    • Disable notifications
    • Uninstall the app

How to disable Google News on Android

If you want to disable this app on Android , you have two “ways” to go: the first, the less “drastic”, is to disable Google News notifications. The second, instead, consists of completely uninstalling the application from the device. In the following paragraphs you will find detailed explanations on how to proceed in both cases.

Turn off Google News notifications

If you simply want to disable Google News notifications for Android, all you have to do is go to your device’s settings and select the option that allows you to disable the receipt of notifications from the latter.

To get started, access the settings by pressing the gear icon which can be found on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet, or on the desktop (the screen that groups all installed applications).

Click Notifications or Audio & Notifications , select applications from the screen that opens, wait for all the applications installed on your device to load, and click the Google News icon .

On the next screen, look for the option to block notifications or mute and turn ON the interrupt, to not show any notification from Google News.

If you want to receive Google News notifications silently, instead of performing the operation described above, turn ON the switch toggle next to Show Silently .

note: Due to the “fragmentation” that characterizes Android (or the existence of numerous versions of Google’s operating system), some words may be slightly different on your device.

Uninstall the app

If you want to resort to more “drastic” solutions, you can disable Google News by completely uninstalling your application .

Even in this case, all you have to do is go to your smartphone or tablet settings and continue from there.

To begin, start the Android settings application by pressing the gear icon found on the home screen or on the desktop (the screen that groups all the applications installed on the device), select the applications item from the menu that opens and, if necessary, tap all (or All apps ) at the top.

At this point, select the name of the application you want to uninstall, that is Google News , touch the uninstall button present on the Application Information screen and confirm the operation by answering accept the question Do you want to uninstall this application?

How to disable Google News on iOS

If you want to know how to disable Google News on iOS , on an iPhone or an iPad , you must follow more or less the same instructions I gave you in the chapter of the guide dedicated to Android, or disable Google News notifications or, if you prefer , uninstall your app from the device.

Disable notifications

To disable Google News notifications on iPhone and iPad , you need to go to iOS settings and select the options you prefer to completely disable or silence them.

To continue, launch the iOS Settings app by tapping the gray gear icon present on the device’s home screen.

Click Notifications and, in the screen that opens, identify the Google News article .

To disable all notifications from the Google News app, turn the Allow notifications switch (located above) to OFF . If, on the other hand, you just want to disable notification sounds, turn the sounds switch OFF .

Uninstall the app

If you want to uninstall the Google News application on iOS , you can do so both in the home screen of your device and in the operating system settings.

From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, locate the Google News application icon present on the latter and make a long tap on it.

After a few seconds, the icons for all applications installed on the terminal should start to “dance”, indicating that you can delete them or move them to the home screen.

To cancel the Google News application, simply tap (X) in the upper left corner of its icon and click Remove after the question Do you want to remove “Google News”? .

To uninstall the Google News application from the iOS settings (operation that allows you to choose whether or not you want to keep the application data), instead, go to iOS settings and click on General> iPhone / iPad Free Space. free space (depending on the device in use).

Now, wait until the full list of applications installed on the device is loaded, click on the Google News icon .

Then to uninstall it, select the item Uninstall application item present on the screen that has opened and confirm your intentions, pressing again on Uninstall application .

By doing so, you will have uninstalled the application, freeing up space on your device and at the same time preserving related data and documents.

If, on the other hand, you want to permanently delete the Google News application and the data related to it, select the Delete application entry and confirm the choice by tapping Delete application.


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