How to delete iCloud account on iPhone

If you are an Apple user, there is a possibility that for some personal reason you need to delete your iCloud account on your device , mainly if you intend to sell or exchange your device . In case you do not know how to do it, we will explain it to you shortly.

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  1. What should be considered before deleting an iCloud account?
    1. files will be lost
    2. Losing access to platforms
    3. You will not receive messages or calls
  2. How do you back up files from an iCloud account?
  3. What is the way to delete an iCloud account on an iOS phone?
  4. What can be done to delete an iCloud account permanently?
    1. from a computer
    2. Using an Android phone
    3. With an iOS device

What should be considered before deleting an iCloud account?

There are a number of key aspects that every user should know when doing such an account deletion. Since you will proceed with the deletion, this implies that there will be a loss of relevant information as long as there is no backup of it, to be more specific:

files will be lost

iCloud has various storage advantages , where you can upload and/or download any type of file you need. However, when you delete your account on this platform, absolutely all the information you have stored on it will be lost.

That is to say, those photos that you have uploaded, videos, music, reading files, in which all the data recorded up to that moment, will be permanently deleted and with no possibility of recovery will be lost.

Losing access to platforms

In order to access a platform and have each of the functions and privileges that it offers us as users, an account is necessary, whether personal, business or of any other type.

At the time of deleting your account, you lose full access to said platform and you will not have the services and/or functions that it offers. Therefore, in order to recover all this access and benefit , it is necessary to create a new account with an email that is not registered on the platform.

You will not receive messages or calls

This does not mean that the device will be unusable, since it will continue to operate normally, but it will have the limitation that it will not be able to receive calls or messages through the service of this platform, the rest, if it is possible to have the traditional services that a telephone line gives us.

How do you back up files from an iCloud account?

The steps to follow are so simple that we can say that it is as easy as unsubscribing and deleting an account from any application:

  • Go to the settings of your phone and then tap on the name you have chosen, that is, tap on the Apple ID.
  • After you’re there, you’re going to tap on the iCloud option, followed by the iCloud Backup option.
  • Here you will see several options, you just have to press the iCloud Backup button to activate the service.
  • Here you can choose the configuration of the backups: the date or the frequency of the same, if it will be done with a WiFi connectionor with mobile data, etc.

In case you have the need to back up to iCloud right now, you have the option to do it manually. For the rest, that’s all you have to do, of course, the only thing you’ll need is an internet connection, either from a home wireless network, or from mobile data, although the latter involves an extra charge to your monthly rate.

You can delete accounts that you have registered in your phone from the same system settings. Although you want to delete a Facebook account from your phone, but keeping the account on the platform, you can do it in a few steps.

What is the way to delete an iCloud account on an iOS phone?

For practical purposes, we recommend that you do these steps from a computer or from a laptop, but you can also do it from your mobile . The steps you must follow are the following:

  • Go to the privacy section of your Apple account
  • Then you have to log in with the IDyou used to register or your email.
  • In the option to delete account, a selectable option will appear in which you can request to delete your account. This option is at the bottom.
  • This will open a new window with warning information. In other words, the page tells you that you will lose a large part of the products and/or services that Apple offers.
  • Select the reason why you want to delete your accountand then press continue.

What can be done to delete an iCloud account permanently?

from a computer

  • Go to the browser of your choice and in the address bar, and enter the official Apple site
  • When the page loads, you will have to enter the credential or the information requested.
  • Then you are going to write the password, although you can save this if the browser already knows your access data to the platform.
  • When you log in, you will need to answer the security questions to verify that you really are the owner of the account you wish to log in to.
  • Once inside the panel, you will find an option that refers to thetemporary support PIN. You are going to select there and then in the window that will appear, you are going to choose Generate PIN.
  • According to the code that appears, you must write it down and then call Apple technical support.
  • Once they serve you, request that you want to unsubscribe and then follow the steps indicated by the operator.

Using an Android phone

From an Android phone it is not possible to delete an account unless you do exactly the same steps that are done from a PC. Of the rest, it is not possible to do it from the native functions of the phone.

With an iOS device

  • Go to settings and then in the iCloud section
  • Scroll until you reach the Close session or Delete Account option.
  • You are going to select this option and then you are going to confirm the action.
  • From here, you have to follow the last three steps that we have mentioned in the previous section and that’s it.


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