How to decrease and optimize the speed of your CPU from BIOS

Often times, it is necessary to increase system performance through workable CPU optimization. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to decrease and optimize the speed of your CPU from BIOS

What is the BIOS?

BIOS stands for “Basic Input Output System” and refers to an application that is installed on the motherboard and runs before the operating system starts. This software contains an interface for the configuration of various equipment components such as the CPU.

What is Intel Extreme Tuning Utility?

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility is a software for optimizing the CPU from the BIOS. It comes as an automated option and is ideal for users who have “Intel” processors.

How to decrease and optimize the speed of your CPU from BIOS

To decrease and optimize the speed of your CPU from BIOS it is necessary to make a backup of the BIOS and then follow a procedure whose steps we explain below.

Slow down your CPU from BIOS

If you have done “Overclocking” and you want to decrease the speed of your CPU, you must restart your computer and before the system starts, press the “Delete”, “F2” or “Esc” keys several times depending on your motherboard to access to the BIOS. It is important to note that the procedure to access the BIOS from a MacBook is different so you should know this step before continuing.

In the BIOS, locate the CPU clock setting. Disable the options or change them to “Manual.” In “CPU Clock” enter a value that is within the limits that the BIOS interface shows you on the right. Save the changes and reboot the system.

Optimize your CPU speed from BIOS

You can optimize the speed of your CPU from the BIOS by “Overclocking”. To achieve this, it is convenient that you follow the following steps.

Monitors vital signs of the system

It is important to monitor the system before overclocking. For this, you can opt for the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility that contains applications such as CPU-Z, CoreTemp and other interesting utilities.

Monitoring is very relevant because it will let you know if any change in the speed of your CPU that you make manually has a considerable impact on the temperature of the component.

Check basic system performance

You should review the basic performance of the system so that you can compare the values ​​and determine the improvements based on these initial parameters. To achieve this, you can use the “Intel Extreme Tuning Utility” for the purpose of baseline analysis.

Make an adjustment of the performance parameters

To adjust the performance parameters, modify the core ratio of your CPU to set the final speed of the component. To do this, we recommend you make a change and verify the operation of the equipment before continuing with the next parameter.

In this sense, you can adjust the CPU core ratio with increasing values ​​that will increase one by one. Save the changes and restart the system so that you can verify the performance of the equipment.

Check the performance to decrease and optimize the speed of your CPU from BIOS

Every time you make a change, use the benchmark scan tool to see if the score has improved. If the computer crashes or does not reboot after changing the parameter, then re-enter BIOS and set the last viable values.

Modify the CPU voltage

It is possible to modify the CPU voltage parameter from the BIOS. This element ensures that the component receives the required power to run at a higher speed.

It is important to note that increasing the CPU voltage leads to an increase in temperature. For this reason, you must establish a stable voltage that you can achieve by changing the parameter by +0.05 Volts each time you go to perform a new check.

Measure performance increase

To measure the performance increase, you must use the benchmark analysis tool that you used at the beginning of the procedure. If the scores are not satisfactory and there are problems, continue adjusting the parameters . It is important to mention that you can configure the BIOS of your computer for a better Windows boot using the advanced options that the firmware presents.


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