How to customize video game shortcuts

When we have multiple applications, tools, files and folders distributed on our computer, the use and management of shortcuts is essential. For this reason, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn how to customize video game shortcuts easily

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The shortcuts

Shortcuts are methods that work through small images that represent them (icons) to quickly access applications, folders, files and other tools in an operating system. In fact, you can create shortcuts to a web page on the desktop, although we can also find them within folders or on certain storage units.

Generally, we can use a shortcut by clicking on its icon. However, it is possible to associate a combination of keys to open them without having to minimize the windows that are already open.

What are shortcuts for?

The shortcuts are used to easily open the programs or files we need. These methods are really useful because we can locate them in specific places on the computer (such as the desktop) and are identifiable by the icon that represents them and by the label that contains a name.

How to customize video game shortcuts easily

If you have several video games installed on your computer and you want to create and put a shortcut to these applications easily, we invite you to follow the procedure that we explain below.

Create a video game shortcut on the desktop

If you are finishing the process of installing a video game on your computer, you will see an option to add a shortcut. In case you have omitted it and you already have the video game installed, then you will have to follow a series of additional steps.

Locate the file that corresponds to the video game that is stored in the folder related to the platform that developed the application. You can often find this file in the “Program Files” folder located on the local drive where Windows was installed. Right-click on the file and select “Manage” and “Create desktop shortcut . 

Customize the shortcut

You will immediately see a shortcut of your video game on the system desktop . Right-click on this element and proceed to change its name if you wish. To do so, select “Rename” and be sure to assign a label that clearly identifies your video game.

Add a key combination to open the shortcut

You can add a key combination to use the shortcut quickly . To do this, right-click on the icon that represents the shortcut and press the “Properties” option. Then type the key or combination you want to use right in the text box next to “Shortcut Key.”

Change the shortcut icon

In addition, you can change the icon that represents the shortcut of your video game. To do this, right-click again on the shortcut icon and select “Properties.” Press the “Change Icon” button and click “Browse” to locate another image.

Create a new icon

If you do not have alternative images that could be the new icon of your video game, you can choose to create your own icon . To do this, choose a scene during the execution of your video game, print the screen by pressing the “Print Pt” key and paste this capture in a workspace from the Paint application.

Then trim the edges to define the image you want to add as an icon. Click “Save As” and name your icon by adding the extension .ICO. Change the type to “24-bit Bitmap (* .bmp; * dib)”, select the file location from the left of the panel and press the “OK” button.

Assign the new icon to your shortcut

Press the secondary button of the mouse on the shortcut to the video game and press “Properties”. Click “Change Icon” and then click “Browse.” Locate the location of the icon you just created and press “OK.” Also, you can take the opportunity to customize your desktop by removing or deactivating the search bar if you wish.


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