How to customize the Windows 10 lock screen

Would you like your computer to have a much more personal air? Said and done: take note of the steps you have to follow to customize the Windows 10 lock screen.

When we buy a new computer, one of the first things we do is change the wallpaper and make other design adjustments. The reason is very simple: by personalizing the PC we make it a little more ours.

Beyond changing the wallpaper, you have other formulas at your fingertips to leave your stamp on the computer and make it show that it is yours. In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to customize the Windows 10 lock screen , something that not only affects the wallpaper that is displayed when the computer is locked, but also the waiting time to lock the PC or the applications that will appear in this screen.

Choose the lock screen background in Windows 10

To customize your Windows 10 lock screen background, navigate to Start> Settings> Personalization and select the Lock screen tab in the left column.

The first thing you can set in this window is the wallpaper for the lock screen. By default, the selected option is Windows Featured Content , which shows you high-quality images from Bing. If you keep it selected, the background will update periodically with random photos.

If you wish, you can choose your own image by selecting the Image option and then indicating the file you want to use. If you select the Slideshow option, you can choose a photo album to be displayed on the lock screen.

Customize lock screen apps in Windows 10

Apart from choosing an image or a presentation, the Windows 10 lock screen can show some information, and for this you can add applications. 

On the one hand, you have the possibility to choose an application to display the detailed status on the lock screen . Here you can choose between different alternatives, which include the weather, email or calendar. For example, if you choose the latter, your lock screen will allow you to see your schedule for the day.

On the other hand, you can choose a series of applications that show the quick status on the lock screen . In this case it can be up to seven and you have more alternatives. In addition to the ones we have mentioned before, you can also choose the sticky notes, alarms and clock or Skype, among others.

Adjusts the screen timeout

Lastly, you have the option to adjust the screen timeout . If you have a laptop, you can choose a different time setting depending on whether the battery is being used or the charging cable is connected.

Also, if you click on the Screensaver settings link, you can set the settings for the Windows 10 screen saver.


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