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Here we go: a nice piece of rock music to start the show, a funny jingle to dampen the downtime and in the middle I put my podcast on technology. That’s it: today’s show is ready to be aired too. Now that I have a radio station of my own I can say it: I am really good at making live broadcasts, I could even go to work on the radio.

How do you say? Would you like to know how long it took me to have my own radio station because you’d like to create a web radio too ? Well at a guess I would say no more than five minutes. How much did I spend? Not even a penny. It seems impossible to you and you don’t believe it? Then you just have to read with the utmost attention this tutorial that I have prepared in which I have decided to explain how to create a Web radio absolutely free .

The topic is of interest to you but, since you are not very familiar with the use of the computer, are you afraid of not succeeding? I can understand it but you don’t have to worry, I’m here and I can give you a hand. Take a look at the Internet sites that I am about to recommend in this guide, I am sure you will find the one that best suits your needs and requirements. I wish you a good reading and a lot of fun.


  • Spreaker (Web / Android / iOS)
  • Soundcloud (Web / Android / iOS)
  • Radionomy (Web / Android / iOS)
  • Other services to create Web radios

Spreaker (Web / Android / iOS)

If you want to create a Web radio using a free online service that allows you to  create a free online radio , record programs, carry out live broadcasts and freely manage the broadcaster’s schedule, then contact Spreaker first.

This Internet site is rather used by those who want to make their own radio program as it has a vast archive of songs and jingles to be freely included in the shows and does not require technical knowledge to be used. It is therefore one of the best solutions also because of its user interface completely in Italian. How do you say? Do you think it can be for you? So what are you waiting for to try it out, follow the instructions I’m about to give you.

The first step you need to take is to connect to  the Spreaker website  and click on the Register button , located at the top right.

On the page that opens, fill out the form with your details indicating, in the respective text fields, your name, your email address and the password to be used for registration. Then press the button I’m not a robot to pass the captcha check and press the Register button  to create a free account on the site.

Alternatively, you can register faster on the Spreaker website by clicking on the Facebook or Twitter buttons , creating your account through one of the two social networks mentioned.

Once this is done, then access your e-mail box and click on the button contained in the email received from  Spreaker  to confirm the creation of your account and access the service by pressing the Continue button .

At this point, if you want to start creating your radio show right away, all you have to do is click on the Create button  (top right) and choose one of the available options.

In fact, you can see on the screen different solutions regarding the creation or import of a podcast within the platform. These choices are very important as you will need them to get you off to a good start.

If you already have a Web Radio and want to import it on Spreaker then you will have to press the Import button next to the RSS Importer box . There are also other alternatives including the possibility of uploading a previously recorded file ( Upload button ), or you can use the Web-Based Console tool by pressing the Record button .

You can also use the Spreaker application for Android and iOS in this case, press the Download button and you can also find the link to download the Spreaker application for Windows computers.

Keep in mind that, if you have chosen to use the Web-Based Console tool, you will then have to fill in the form that is proposed to you, typing the title of the episode and indicating its reference tags (maximum 5). Then indicate the name of the Show by pressing the New button : you can then give a title, upload an image and select the language of the podcast you are about to create.

Once this is done, to continue you will then have to press the Next button and you will be able to view the recording tool called DJ Console on the screen . Obviously take into account that, if you will be asked, you will have to make sure that Spreaker obtains permissions to access your microphone and any recording tools you use.

To record a radio show, at the very least you need to use a microphone connected to your PC and a lot of creativity regarding the content to talk about. In case you need to authorize the DJ console to interact with your microphone or other connected peripherals, click on the Settings button  ( symbol of a gear ).

At this point, you are ready to record your show, click on the red button corresponding to the Recorder section . To add songs, jingles and loops to the show, instead, click on the Add button   (top right) and, in the window that opens, use the Explore tab   to browse all the available contents.

Then click first on the name of the artist, then on the name of the album containing the song you want to include in your show and click on  Add  to add the song (or jingle) to your recording.

When you have selected all the tracks you want to include in the show, click on the Close button   (top right) and drag the contents of the  Playist  (right) into the two Deck sections located in the center of the DJ console in order to have a arrange the songs or jingles you intend to use first.

To start or stop the songs and adjust their volume, all you have to do is use the buttons and the adjustment bar under the two panes in which you dragged the latter.

When you have completed the recording of your radio show, all you have to do is click on the Stop button   in the Recorder box  and then click on the Yes  Publish button  to publish your podcast. This obviously should not be done when you record a live show which is automatically published.

Obviously, to reach more listeners you can share your radio program on the main social networks; However, please note that some advanced features of this Web radio recording tool are only available to users who have subscribed to a paid version .

Soundcloud (Web / Android / iOS)

Among the Internet sites I want to advise you to use to create a web radio is the popular Soundcloud web portal. In this case, however, it is a different tool from the previous one indicated as Soundcloud is a platform in which to host a podcast already recorded previously.

Soundcloud is in fact a platform for listening to streaming music dedicated to independent artists: in fact, remixed music tracks or covers of existing songs are hosted. This website also has a section dedicated to podcasts and you can therefore use it for free to expand the audience of your listeners.

To use Soundcloud and start publishing your podcasts you will need to connect to its official website and register for a free account by pressing the Register for free button . You will then be prompted to register via Facebook or Google account, or by typing an email address.

Once you see the Soundcloud home screen you can upload your podcast by pressing the Upload button located in the top right corner and selecting the previously recorded file from your computer.

You can also use Soundcloud via mobile devices by downloading the free application for Android and iOS .

Radionomy (Web / Android / iOS)

Working similar to Spreaker, you can also use the Radionomy website to bring your Web Radio to life in no time and via the Internet.

It can only be used after registering a free account , Radionomy has a user interface in English but is still easy to use.

To start using it you will need to register via your Facebook or Google profile or by indicating an email address or password. From the main screen then press the Create Your Radio button to perform this operation and indicate your desire to create a Web radio.

You will then be asked to completely customize your profile and to indicate more precise information regarding the Web radio you want to create in order to help you reach a more targeted audience.

This website is also used for listening to streaming music and is also available through a free application that you can download from the PlayStore for Android and from the App Store on iOS .

Other web services to create web radios:

Haven’t the tools I indicated to you in this tutorial been able to intrigue you in particular? Would you like other similar tips to be able to have more alternative solutions for creating your Web radio? Okay, then take a look at other really interesting proposals that I point out to you below.

  • Shoutcast (Web / Android) : this is an Internet site with similar functionality to those of the previous resources indicated. Upon freeregistration, it allows you to create a personalized radio station by integrating a community of listeners. It comes with an English- language user interface and is also present as a free application for Android.
  • Blog Talk Radio (Web) : this is another platform for listening and publishing thematic podcasts that can also be used for freebut with limitations and different paid plans, subscribe optionally. The website is in English.


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