How to create group chats on Snapchat

The Snapchat platform allows you as a user to share videos and moments with many friends . In addition to the fact that it also gives you the possibility to talk in private chat with anyone who uses the platform, this is something quite cool, since you can share images, voice audios, emojis and much more from your private chat.

Now, what happens if you want to send the same information to a certain group of friends? This can be achieved through group chats. The Snapchat application allows you to have a group chat with up to 100 people , in this way they can share information, from texts, images, audios, stickers and more, the best thing about this option is that everyone can see and participate in the chat group.

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  1. What is the best method to create a group chat on Snapchat?
    1. From an Android device
    2. On mobile ‘iPhone’
  2. How to add all the people you want in your Snapchat group?
  3. How to see the complete list of members in the Snapchat group?
  4. How to activate the notifications of the messages that send messages to the group?

What is the best method to create a group chat on Snapchat?

To make a group or group chat on the Snapchat platform , there is only one way to do this procedure, you must bear in mind that you can only add a total of 100 people to the group chat. Apart from this, if you forget to add any friend when you are creating the group, there is nothing to worry as you will be able to add them after you have created the group chat.

From an Android device

To do this procedure from a device with Android operating system, the first thing you should do is open the Snapchat application , being there, go to the messaging or chat section, which is identified by a small message icon . It should be noted that this procedure is for the most recent version of Snapchat.

Already being located in the messages or chat section, you must press the small icon that will appear in the lower right corner of your screen, said icon will be like a message and a pen and will be painted blue. There you can create a new chat with the person of your contacts that you choose, there an option called “new group” will appear when you press there, it will send you to another section where you can choose the people you want to participate in your new Snapchat group .

Already having the group formed, said group will appear in the first section of your list of chats. In addition to this, you can give your group chat the name you want, for this you just have to enter the group chat again, then click on the place that says “name group” , there you can put the name you want to the group you have created.

On mobile ‘iPhone’

To perform this procedure on your device with the iOS operating system, it is very similar to that with devices with the Android operating system. The first thing you should do is open the Snapchat application , after this, go to the chat section, where all the chats that you have registered from the Snapchat application are located.

While there, look for the new message icon, the location of this icon will depend on the version of the Snapchat app you have on your device, on some the icon is at the top, on others it can be found in the bottom corner right. Once you have displayed the icon, press it and access the new message part.

Being there, you can send a new message to any of your contacts, at the bottom, from where you must write the contact for the new message, the “new group” option will appear , press there to be able to select the people you want to add to the new group or new group chat.

Once you have the group created, at the top of the group chat, an option will appear that will say “change the name” there you can change the name of the group, give it the name you like the most and press the bullet that will appear in one of the corners, it will confirm the change you have made. It should be noted that the group will appear as the first option in your chats .

How to add all the people you want in your Snapchat group?

As we have already mentioned, Snapchat group chats only have the capacity to register a total of 100 participants, so you can add any person or contact, but you must stay within that numerical range, otherwise the application it will not allow you to add more participants.

Let’s take a case, where you forgot to add a friend when you were creating the group chat, this will not be a problem, since you can add them after creating the group chat. To do this, the first thing you must do is open the chat, then you must click on the group chat profile picture where you must select the “Add participants” option .

Later, you will have to search for the contact of the friend you want to add to the group chat and then select the “Done” option that will appear at the bottom of the screen, your friend will automatically be added to the group chat.

How to see the complete list of members in the Snapchat group?

To be able to see the complete list of all the members of the group chat that you have created, you will have to enter the chat profile picture and at once you will be able to see the complete list of all the members that you added to the chat.

How to activate the notifications of the messages that send messages to the group?

If you want to be aware of all the messages that are sent to the group or conversations , then you will need to turn on notifications for all messages. Likewise, to activate the notifications you will have to do the following:

  1. You must enter the app and search for the chat session.
  2. Then, you will search for the chat of the group that you want to have notifications about the messagesand then you will keep the chat selected until some options appear.
  3. In the options you must select “More”.
  4. Now select on ” Message Notifications“.
  5. Afterwards, you will have to select on “All messages” which will appear in a pop-up window called message notification.
  6. If you don’t want to receive any notification, configure “silence”.
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