How to create and add ad units in Google Adsense

The internet has been the great agent of change in almost all areas of humanity , due to how information can be spread, passed on and handled.

The fact that the internet is a large window on our computer or mobile device that overlooks the entire world and a large universe of information and alternatives through the browser , makes the internet an invaluable tool for millions of people. people.

This is demonstrated in the way people use the internet through their mobile devices on a daily basis, where they interact with lots of people and lots of different content.

Likewise, the internet has been able to give way to lots of aspects beyond just entering the social networks of the moment , but it has also presented the opportunity to access all kinds of content such as the creation of books , video games and much more content downloadable directly to our devices.

This makes it very clear how many things we can do on the internet, not counting all the leisure activities that we can have within it without much problem. But, perhaps one of the biggest factors that we can see that gives life to the internet is advertising or ads.

Because in the past much of the advertising we consumed from different companies could be seen mostly in television ads and in newspaper or magazine ads, the focus of marketers has had to shift to where more are the looks: the internet.

Many of the pages we visit make a profit through the advertising they have on them or we can even see it on YouTube videos. Much of this is often done through Adsense, and if you are interested in using this platform for your purposes, you can read on.

Creating ad units in Google Adsense

When we have a web page, we probably realize that most of our profits lie in advertising. The advertisements that we can put on our sites can be very varied and focus on a specific type of user in order to make them click on the advertisement.

Much of this is through Google AdSense, one of those that is in charge of the advertising line that Google takes care of for many sites throughout the internet . In order to make Google AdSense ads appear on your website, you must create the ad units for it, which you can do as follows:

First, you must log into AdSense, where you will easily find the ” Ads ” button which you must enter and then go to ” Ad units “. Finally, enter the option that says “Link ads” to start getting down to work immediately.

You should start by giving the link ad unit you want to create a name, about which we tell you that the best thing you can do is give it a name that is distinctive and easy to find.

Next, select the size of the ad, this should be thought about beforehand as this will be shown on the page. But, we recommend that you activate the option that appears as ” Adaptable ” since it will help you to make the ad on your page be visible in any resolution.

Finally, save the project you have done and copy the code that appears on the ad and then paste it into the code of your page depending on how best you see it.

Knowing the performance of your created block

When you have created an ad unit, you may be interested in how it is doing in terms of engagement or viewed statistics .

You can see these through the same AdSense platform, since within the section of ” Ad units “, in ” Reports “, you can have all the relevant information.


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