How to Create a Bitmap Effect Graphic Design Easily

All the elements contained in your computer can maintain different versions based on the format you give it. Each of these formats have a reason for being, a characteristic or function that differentiates them from the rest, and, although most of the time those differences are noticeable, as is the design with a bitmap effect, which can not go unnoticed.

That is why it is really important to know each and every one of the formats that are available for the different files and other types of elements that you save on your computer.

The world of images

From documents, spreadsheets, audio and video. The vast majority of the elements found on your computer are capable of being saved or transformed in formats other than the one they keep in their original version.

Images do not escape this digital reality . All those people who are passionate about graphic design and other fields related to capturing and editing graphic content should be well instructed regarding image formats to ensure, in this way, that their photographs save, well, a maximum of quality, a minimum of size, among other things.

The importance of a good image

Today, images are a fundamental element in the digital world. Social networks basically dominate this area, so images, as well as videos, are elements that constitute the main attraction of people.

Similarly, when designing or managing a web platform , you should make sure you have high-quality images and sizes that allow you to preserve the quality of the photograph, but which in turn does not delay the process of loading the page.

Are we talking about bitmaps?

For this type of case, a lot is said about the PNG, JPG and even GIF formats However, there is a special format widely used for this and other types of tasks. It’s all about the bitmaps.

The images that comply with this format are characterized by saving a higher quality of the same as the image is zoomed in or enlarged.

These types of images are made up of pixels , which are points or tiny squares that contain information on each and every one of the colors that are part of the image or photograph.

More is better

The most outstanding characteristic of the images with this format or effect, lies, specifically, in the number of points or pixels that it can contain, since this will be precisely what determines the low, medium or high quality of the image.

The more pixels or dpi (pixel per inch) the image has, the greater enlargements or zooms you can make on the image without significantly losing its quality.

Create or design with bitmap effect

Having images with these types of formats is something really simple that does not require downloading complex and heavy software that your computer could barely process. To tell the truth, any program dedicated to image editing , even the simplest, will help you meet this goal.

The program of your preference

A simple, practical tool that, most importantly, is at the hand of all users (especially those of Windows), is Paint. Through this basic program, you will have the possibility to save your design with a bitmap effect.

For users of other operating systems, they can download and install any other type of program dedicated to image editing such as Photoshop , Photo Editor .

  • Open the image you want with the program of your choice.
  • Make the edits that you consider necessary.
  • When saving, use the option “Save as …”
  • Within the options, select “bitmap”.

Ready! It is all you need

With these simple instructions and, above all, regardless of whether the program you use is basic or advanced, you will already have your design with a bitmap effect , to ensure higher quality when making edits and enlargements.


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