How to creat account on IMVU?

If you want to have fun and meet new people online then we invite you to take a look at one of the best virtual communities called IMVU. Learn how to create an IMVU account  quickly and easily.

In short, Imvu is a chat made in a 3D environment , very similar to Habbo. But this time, you will not have to fulfill any objective, since Imvu is designed so that users can create a character and have fun conversations with other users who also want to have a good time.

Registration from PC

In the event that you prefer to enjoy this social platform from the comfort of your computer, then we invite you to continue reading this section. Without a doubt, the process is quite similar to creating an account on Haboo . Later we will teach you how to create an account on Imvu without problems.

  • First of all you must open the web browser of your choice to enter the main page of IMVU.
  • Then you will see a small trailer about the experience offered by this social platform. When this short video is finished, you must click on the button that says ” Get started for free ” to begin the registration process. However, you can also sign up for Imvu with your Facebook profile.
  • Next, a window will open in which we will begin to create our character.
  • The first thing will be to choose the gender of the avatar that we will use in the world of Imvu.
  • Now, you can select the skin tone, head shape, eye color and hairstyle that you like best for your character.
  • In this step we will talk about customizing the avatar’s clothing. You will be able to choose from a wide variety of shoes, shirts, tracksuits, and other clothing items to make the character have a spectacular outfit.
  • Once you have finished customizing the avatar, click on the ” Create an account ” option
  • Next you have to enter a name for your character. In addition, it will also be necessary to add and a secret password to enter your account in the next few occasions. We also remind you that you have to add your date of birth , for this click on the “Birthday” option
  • In this way you will have completed the process to create a new account on the Imvu platform. Now you simply have to log in with your IMVU account to sit down and enjoy all the wonders that the virtual world of Imvu has.

Create an IMVU account from a smartphone

In this case, we invite you to take a look at this section so that you learn everything you need to do to register with IMVU quickly and easily . You simply have to follow all the steps that you will see below so that you do not have any inconvenience.

  • To start you have to download the Imvu app, which is fortunately available for iOS and Android alike.
  • Once you have finished the download and installation process of this app, you must open it to begin the registration process.
  • On the initial screen of Imvu they will show us 2 options, one of them is for you to register through Facebook and the time will allow us to join with an email address. Select this last option to continue.
  • Next you will have to select the gender of your avatar and then press the option « Customize «
  • In this step you have to choose the physical features of your avatar. Select the skin tone, the shape of the face and the hairstyle that you like the most. At the end select the option « Select clothing «
  • Now we have to choose what clothing the character that we will use in the world of Imvu will have. Once you have chosen a combination of clothes of your preference, you must save the changes, for this select the option « Save look «
  • Next, a form will appear in which you have to enter some personal information. First write your username, email address, date of birth and finally the password to access your account.
  • After filling out the form with the appropriate data, you will have finished the process to register on the Imvu platform.
  • Finally, we remind you that if at any time you get bored with this social network, then you can delete your IMVU account very easily.

And ready if the information in this post has served you, do not forget to share it with your contacts through your social networks. See you!


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