How to cool an Android phone

With the onset of abnormal heat, users often wonder how to quickly cool down an Android smartphone? Today we will tell you why the phone can overheat in the summer and how you can cool it down safely. First, let’s tell you the main reasons for the phone overheating.

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Reasons for smartphone overheating

Ways to Cool Your Smartphone

Reasons for smartphone overheating

It is important to understand that the smartphone overheats most of all in two cases, and both the device itself and the battery, or both at once, can heat up. The most important reasons for overheating are:

  1. The phone is working at full capacity. The smartphone begins to make the most of the RAM, processor and battery power. This happens when you start “heavy” games or run several applications at the same time: games, music, social networks are running in the background: telegrams, instagram, VKontakte. The higher the load, the higher the phone temperature.
  2. Air temperature. If it’s hot outside or at home, the smartphone heats up to ambient temperature and even higher under load. The heat is felt even more if the phone is held in the open sun.

Often we go to the beach, promenade, sea, river, relax in the park. We take off our clothes, leave the phone in shorts, and shorts in the sun. Under the rays of the sun, the smartphone heats up almost instantly, and a couple of minutes will be enough for overheating. Such impact can damage the technical parts of the smartphone: the display may darken, the video chip will fail. Most often, the battery and the charge controller suffer: the battery swells, overheats, which causes the adjacent elements to heat up and fail.

Phone overheats faster in direct sunlight

Ways to cool your smartphone

In order not to harm the device, there are several ways: the most obvious of them is to turn off the device completely and not leave it in the sun. After 5-10 minutes, you can turn on and continue to use. If you are not satisfied with the shutdown option, there are several ways to lower the temperature of the phone:

  • We turn off Wi-Fi and mobile Internet. Mobile connection is demanding on the battery, and constant data transfer leads to heating.
  • We turn off heavy games. Especially bright 3D games with elaborate graphics can overheat the gadget even in winter, in summer it becomes even more dangerous.
  • You can configure applications to run in the background and disable them. This will save the resources of the device, but you will continue to receive important messages and notifications.
  • Of course, we carry out cleaning of trash and debris. We clean the cache in Internet browsers and instant messengers, because they heavily litter the phone, load memory and processor. Which additionally leads to heating.

If you often play hardware-intensive games, take breaks. Weak models of smartphones in a heavy three-dimensional game can overheat in 10-15 minutes.

But what you absolutely can’t do is put your smartphone in the refrigerator or freezer. Some put it in a plastic bag and leave it on for a couple of minutes. Remember! Both heat and extreme cooling harm the smartphone. Particles of steam and air in the device, when placed in the freezer, quickly crystallize into ice, and when removed from there they turn into water, which will entail a bunch of faults and short circuits on the boards.

Do not put your smartphone in the refrigerator!

If you have a smartphone from Xiaomi, you can disable unnecessary services and settings in the MIUI firmware, they consume memory and quickly drain the battery. More on this in the video:

For smartphones from other companies: you need to dig into the settings. Disable everything that is not used: sending error reports, geolocation, bluetooth (if not currently in use) and Internet connection. Even if Wi-Fi or mobile Internet is just turned on, and the phone is in your pocket, applications can be constantly updated.

These are the tips today on how you can safely cool your Android phone. For many, these are obvious things, but for people with the first smartphone, there will be a lot of useful information. Write in the comments how you fight overheating and have you ever cooled your smartphone in the freezer?


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