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Fortnite is one of the multiplayer sensations that has swept online culture, especially among young players; Fortnite was released in 2017, and as of March 2019, over 250 million people have installed the game and tens of millions are playing it regularly. One of the most compelling features of Fortnite is that you are allowed to choose your own username for your online persona; While you can do this every time you start over with a new persona, most people take advantage of the ability to choose a username that conveys their awesomeness without sounding like a village idiot or someone in elementary school. In this article, I’ll show you what makes a great username for a game like Fortnite, and provide you with several ways to create a good name.

The definitions of good (or even cool) are subjective. We all think different things are cool, and how different people make that change depends on age, culture, gender, upbringing, and all kinds of things. What may seem cool to you may not be cool to everyone else. The key to making a cool username for games is turning the name into something that you know is cool (whether other people know or not), or turning it into something that other users will perceive as cool.

You have two options for creating a cool username for Fortnite. You can use a name generator or come up with your own.

Use a Fortnite name generator

There are name generators on the internet that are good for generating names for RPGs, artwork, teams, characters – just about anything you can imagine. Some generators want you to provide some types of input (for example, what ethnicity to draw names from), while other generators just generate names out of the blue. dozens of online name generators that can help you create a cool username for Fortnite. Someone will want to receive some kind of input from you, while someone may create something unexpected. I’ll list a few here and you can see which ones you like. This list is far from complete.

Fake name generator

A fake name generator is a very handy site for generating a name because it does much more than just generate a name. It provides bogus postal addresses, phone numbers, and even fake SSNs. You don’t need any of this for Fortnite, so why am I listing it here? Because the best feature of the site is the “Set of Names” dropdown list. You can choose names for almost every language and ethnic group on earth, and many of these names will be interesting and interesting for native English speakers. This makes Fake Name Generator very useful for Fortnite and many other games where you need a character name or username.


Jimpix is a one-stop site for creating username generators from many different categories based on a keyword you provide and a category that you choose from a very long list of possibilities. For example, if you need a name based on the keyword “Tiger” and the category “emotions”, Jimpix will return with a very long list of choices, such as “CockyTiger” or “TigerEnraged”. is not a name generator, rather it is a site that hosts literally dozens of specialized name generators. There are generators for fantasy names, pirate names, superhero names, cat names … the list goes on and on.

Rum and Monkey

Like, Rum and Monkey This is a collection of specialized generators, but the generators in Rum and Monkey, as you can see in the screenshot above, are heavily themed, and this only scratches the surface of the generators available on this one-stop site.


SpinXO uses more artificial intelligence in its approach to the name generator, allowing you to enter some or all of a long list of categories of information, then take that input and use it to generate a list of usernames from your input. You can also choose a random sample by generating random inputs for the generator. SpinXO creates some weird but unique and interesting usernames.

Generating your own username for Fortnite

If none of those name generators give you, why not come up with your own name? It won’t happen overnight, so doing it ahead of time is probably best. If you plan ahead and give your name the care and attention it deserves, you can come up with something really cool.

I try to keep my notebook and pen behind the keyboard to take notes on my computer. It has all kinds of it, including a bunch of names I’ve seen on the internet, and I loved the sound. I can then use them as inspiration and come up with something unique to me or a pun that uses names differently.

Here are some other helpful tips for creating a cool username for Fortnite.

Use something personal

If you have a hobby, a nickname, a passionate interest, or are a big fan of anime, movies, science fiction, or whatever, you can use them as inspiration. The same goes for sports teams, flowers, food, music, movie stars and so on. Just make it personal to you and try not to copy famous names, brands, or be boring.

Avoid nonsense and numbers

The L33tsp34k was so overdone and has never been this cool. Avoid this whenever possible when you come up with a username. Avoid substituting letters for numbers. It doesn’t always work and will always look silly. You can do better than that!

The same goes for random letters and numbers. Every time we see someone named “xyz123” as their username, we know that they are either lazy or a golden player. We do not want to unite with anything.

Look from the other side

Gamers tend to be isolated and not see things from different angles. Spend five minutes on any gaming forum to see evidence of this! Don’t be one of them. If you have an interesting username for Fortnite, don’t enter it right away. Think about what it looks like, how it portrays you as a player or as a person, and whether you will team up with the player who used that name.

If the answers are yes, go with that. If you answer honestly, and it is not so positive, drop the name and continue.

Keeping it just silly

Keep it Simple Stupid, KISS, is a train of thought that says most things in life are better if you keep them simple. This is very true for usernames. Nobody wants to type three dozen letters in a chat or even pronounce a complicated username on Discord. In simple terms, this means that people are more likely to use your name and collaborate or otherwise interact.


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