How to configure smart IPTV: Activate, load IPTV lists

Whenever we talk about the digital world, our imagination flies very high, but even so, we continue to fall short due to the constant evolution that is generated day by day in this field. We can say that thanks to these technological innovations our quality of life has been quite fixed. It is appropriate to mention the methods that have been developed to improve our way of watching television.

For a long time now, the most popular way to entertain ourselves has been watching a television channel. But since the internet came to revolutionize it, all of it suffered a slight displacement due to the birth of platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. These offer very good entertainment without much advertising and they bring us the advantage of choosing the moment in which we see what we want. As a result of this, the television industry has set to work and improve what they offer us based on the well-known Smart IPTV technology.

It is a good alternative in order to have a large number of channels available to configure. We can activate for free or purchase a paid service contract and start uploading lists called M3U. To understand how it works we can think about the streaming technology available. Just having a portal in order to load content lists for Smart IPTV , we must configure it and we will have free and in Spanish not only one television channel but an endless number of them.

It is not necessary to go too fast, little by little we will be instructed in the task of adjusting our Smart IPTV and we will also learn to load lists of each television channel so that we can spend hours watching our favorite programs. For this reason, in Learn How to Do It we will teach you how to activate for free or acquire a paid contract for your Smart IPTV, you will understand how it works, you will know how to configure it and in this way you will have available M3U lists in order to use it very easily in your Smart IPTV.

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  1. What is IPTV and what is it for?
  2. Steps to activate and configure your Smart IPTV
  3. How to get updated and free IPTV lists 
  4. Add and configure lists and M3U channels to your Smart IPTV

What is IPTV and what is it for?

Before you learn to adjust your Smart IPTV, it is appropriate to say that the meaning of IPTV is Internet Protocol television. When we listen to TV we imagine a mess of cables and a satellite dish, we are assuming the old-fashioned way.

Smart IPTV have been developing over time. Based on video-streaming technology. The aforementioned television modality offers us the advantage of not needing to configure or download the contents. Since with technology we can see everything we want in real time and whenever we please. That is why through this we can load lists.

We imagine that you are already wondering how these Smart IPTV works, because this is paying for what we see. All the content we want to see will be there when we ask for it and we will only be charged for it. It is simple and novel, because TV as we know it forces us to wait for the programs that we like at a time established by the television channels. With Smart IPTV we choose what we want to see.

The technology applied by Smart IPTV has revolutionized the way we can access television channels through an internet network. This, taking into account that the M3U lists have been programmed for this purpose and to facilitate access to information that is currently almost the technology applied by Smart IPTV, has revolutionized the way in which we can access television channels through a network. from Internet.

This taking into account that the M3U lists have been programmed for this purpose and facilitate access to information that is currently almost all private and paid. The applications that we can use for these services can be configured depending on the manufacturer of the TV , whether it is LG or a Mac with a Macintosh or a Mac without it.

In order to enjoy this type of television, we need to have a broadband network connection available and other aspects that intervene in the possibility of obtaining Smart IPTV television, such as:

  • Subscription and access equipment.
  • Content distribution.
  • Video signals and servers.
  • Su software

Steps to activate and configure your Smart IPTV

We can find the apps available for MAG STB , Amazon, Fire TV , LG , Android TV and Samsung . If we want more information we have to visit its official website. It is appropriate to say that Smart IPTV will give us a 7-day trial period and then we will have to activate the service by paying a subscription. 

  • Download Smart IPTV APK for Android
  • Download APK Smart IPTV for Samsung
  • Download Smart IPTV APK for LG 

In order to install and perform the installation and configuration we must do the following:

  • We will start by installing the SMART IPTVapplication on our television, depending on the brand we will have. For example, in the case of a Samsung, we must download Smart IPTV from this brand for it to work correctly. Now, we will have different ways to achieve it, we can activate it for free or acquire a payment against payment and thus enter the Smart IPTV Apps portal  The download links we have above are 100% trustworthy and safe.
  • Once the App is installed, it is necessary to enter the settings to configure and get the Mac address, we must write it or take a photo to continue with the next step.
  • Now we have to go to this address we manage to access said page, we must locate the option “Playlist upload to Smart IPTV”, followed by the one that follows, which is Activate Spain for free, since this function is available without payment for the aforementioned country.
  • We will see a field in which it says Mac, this is where we will paste the numbering that we wrote down before.
  • In order to finish this part we will click on Send to adjust Smart IPTV.
  • Now, in the URL field, we will paste the URL address of the lists that we will leave you below.
  • We tell you that there is little left to start seeing the programming. Now what we do is restart the Smart IPTV applicationsand wait for the M3U list of channels to load.
  • In the process you will be asked for the payment method, select the Free Spain option.

When the 7 days have elapsed , we are sorry to tell you that the programming will no longer be shown, we will have to pay for the service. To make this possible, it is necessary to go to the aforementioned official page and enter the Mac in order to then choose the payment method. You must be careful so that the test does not charge you, we can do it from the configuration by deactivating the subscription functions.

In the event that we have a device with a Macintosh operating system, we can activate and configure our M3U list through the same procedure, selecting the country mentioned, since it is one of those that has this function enabled. By understanding how it works, we will have access to use the portal upload lists

There are specialized Smart IPTV players for Mac devices. They support Macintosh operating system. Through Smart IPTV pro, we will access special settings and premium content.

One of the most important settings for Macintosh is that thanks to Smart IPTV pro, we can apply parental controls. It is easy to know how it works, we just have to configure that the channels that have explicit or sexual content are automatically blocked. If we pay attention to the M3U list, we will not be sure of the content that we download through the playlists or television channels.

The aforementioned feature is ideal for those of us who have little ones at home. In this way, the configuration fulfills the function that we can apply for free and in Spanish with parental control if we activate it.

Another of the most popular devices used by the community is the LG TV. We must know that not only these televisions are known for their good screen. In addition, its compatibility with different devices will give us this advantage to be able to configure and load M3U lists easily and with great image quality. LG is a brand that has first-rate standards that have led it to worldwide recognition for its good performance in different technological rubles.

A trick: We can continue testing Smart IPTV without payment, that is, we can activate it for free for another 7 days. Before the 7th we deactivate the App and the Free Spain option that we activated. After 24 we reinstall it . We can do this and it will bring us another free trial period.

How to get updated and free IPTV lists 

If we want to know how and where we can activate or download IPTV lists for free , it will only be necessary to search on Google. These offer us a wide spectrum of content, such as: Soccer, Formula One in HD and varied programming.

We can activate many channels of the variety that we want in Spanish for free, we just have to take into account that if we do not update the M3U list we can end up with an obsolete channel in weeks or days. 

In the next links we can get some lists of IPTV channels that you can activate for free  that we may find interesting.


Add and configure lists and M3U channels to your Smart IPTV

Before going on to configure and activate your Smart IPTV for free or for a fee, it is important to know what an M3U list is. This is a file format that allows you to store playlists. Here we can see a step guide on how to add M3U channels to our Smart IPTV. It is necessary that we have at hand the Mac that we have already used before.

  • We will start by entering the web page with the address that we will see below:
  • Once we have downloaded the M3U channel lists, it is necessary to upload them to the Mac of our Smart TV.
  • We will achieve this by entering the URL that was shown in the previous steps.
  • At this point it will be necessary for us to enter the Smart TV Macand select the IPTV Spain list that we have downloaded to our Android device or computer. In this way you will access the section in order to activate the content for free, do not forget to save your M3U list so that you have and configure the one that meets your needs and the one that you enjoy the most throughout the day.
  • We will see the box that says I am not a robotand we will mark it to continue with the process.
  • At this point we will upload the list and then restart the IPTVapplication on the TV and if we have done all the steps correctly to activate these lists for free on Smart IPTV, we should already have a decent number of channels available for our enjoyment and the best everything is that it will be without paying!

It is also possible to activate for free and load IPTV lists via URL, just follow the next simple steps:

  • We will need to place the Mac of our Smart TV, then the URLs of the IPTV or the portal load lists and add the corresponding link.
  • To finish, we restart the Smart IPTV, to start enjoying these channels on our Smart TV.

We would be very pleased that if there is any doubt, it is expressed in the comments. We will not take long to answer them in the best possible way. Especially what happens in the settings of the different television models and their characteristics or share your favorite M3U list where the best and most complete of your taste comes out. It also reports how it works after the configuration applied in this full tutorial.


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