How to configure panda (Antivirus)?

How to configure panda (Antivirus)? This is one of the most versatile antivirus on the market, it offers antivirus protection for both PCs and mobile devices with Android technology. It has positioned itself as one of the user’s favorites due to the number of advantages it offers them.

And it is that at present the protection of our electronic devices is vital for our own security, it is from these devices that we carry out most of our commercial transactions and even work, we manage our social networks and bank accounts, in short, practically all our lives .

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What it offers to its users

As we already told you, this is one of the most versatile antivirus on the market, among the things it offers its users:

The protection of computers , you can configure the scheduled analyzes or perform the analyzes manually.

Protection of USB devices , every time you connect a USB device to the computer, it will be analyzed and rejected if it represents any threat.

It has a rescue kit , with this you can perform an analysis of any computer and if it is infected, it will carry out the necessary operations for its disinfection and subsequent proper functioning.

It also has a multimedia mode , with which you can count on not opening any type of interference when you are playing or watching some type of multimedia content, although it will always protect the computer against any threat.


One of the things you should know is that this antivirus has two versions, one free and the other that you will have to pay to use, it also offers the alternative of carrying out a completely free trial, if it convinces you you can go on to make the purchase.

The first thing is to locate the page of your preference to download.

Once this process is done, the system will request permission to save the file , you must give it to it.

Wait for it to download completely .


Once downloaded, select the installation alternative.

The system will ask you to select whether you want the free version or the Pro, that is, the paid version. Select the free one.

You will also have the option of taking a free trial for 30 days and from there decide if you want the Pro version or the basic version.

Click on the program file and execute the file of this, the system will give you the corresponding indications for the station.

It is an easy to understand system, it gives concrete and simple instructions to follow, you just have to read carefully.

The configuration

Once you install the program on your PC, enter the menu alternatives , where you will see a series of settings, including the automatic analysis programming.

For this alternative, click on the antivirus alternative, select the scheduled scan option and activate it .

In the General section , select the alternative status box and activate it.

Select the type of analysis to be programmed, that is, if it is general or only of specific areas of the PC.

Subsequently, it indicates how often it should be carried out , the days on which it will be carried out and of course the time of the analysis.

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