How to configure Avast?

How to configure Avast? All computer owners have as one of their priorities to protect their investment and their privacy , one of the things that is done when configuring an operating system is the configuration of an antivirus, which allows us to protect our economic investment from any malware that may cause irreparable damage to the computer.

On the other hand, there is the protection that is given to all the data that is stored in the computers, in this case protecting the equipment is also a way to protect our security and privacy, one of the most requested antivirus in the market is the Avast, its reputation is excellent and ranks as one of the most efficient in protecting computers and the privacy of its users.

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    • 1 What you need to download it
    • 2 The download
  • 2 The installation
    • 1 The configuration


This is, as we indicated above, one of the most requested antivirus on the market, as it is also one of the most efficient in terms of data protection, it is completely free and easy to find on several web pages that are responsible for recommend these types of programs.

The configuration of this antivirus is not complicated and can be done by anyone without resorting to specialized technicians for this, its interface is quite friendly and the same system will give you the necessary instructions for its proper configuration.

What you need to download it

  • For this system it is required to have a Windowsoperating system higher than 7 , XP, or Vista.
  • A computer compatible with this operating system, at least a Pentium 4.
  • RAMmemory greater than 256 MB .
  • Have a free space of at least 2 GB on the HDD.
  • good internet connectionthat does not fail during the download.


The first thing is to locate the trusted page to download, there are several specialized pages for this type of search.

Once you select the page you like the most, click on the option to download the file.

Save the file , this is what will allow you to execute the program file.


Once the file is downloaded, you must open it and request that the corresponding file be executed.

As soon as the system asks for your confirmation, accept it and continue with the installation.

From here you will only have to follow the instructions that the system will give you, as we indicated they are very simple instructions to carry out.

Click on the option to install and the system will take care of the installation. You should not close the pop-up window.

The configuration

To configure the antivirus you will only have to enter the options section , click on the general alternative.

These are basically about the actions to take as soon as new threats appear, in this case you will configure it according to your preferences.

In this case, the most advisable thing to do is to install the Reinforced Mode of the antivirus, this will give you the alternative of reinforcing the security of your computer.

You will always have the option of manually scanning your computer or configuring Avast to perform periodic reviews of your computer.

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