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You may have wondered at some point how you can sign a document digitally, but you don’t know how to handle it or how to do it.

This is possible through tools such as Word and PDF, this without the need for the person who is going to sign to be present. Next, we will tell you in detail how you can perform this procedure directly in PDF files or save your Word files to PDF format with a digital signature included.

How to Insert a Digital Signature in Word Documents and in PDF – Do it like this

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  1. In what ways can you put a signature on a Word document?
    1. With a signature image
    2. Inserting a line to make a physical signature
  2. How do you convert a Word document to PDF?
    1. From Word
    2. Using web pages like SmallPDF and iLovePDF
  3. What is done to add a digital signature in a PDF document?

In what ways can you put a signature on a Word document?

There are several ways when adding a digital signature to a Word document, since we can do it by hand or completely digitally. In general, in programs like Word, PowerPoint, or Excel there are several ways to do this.

One of the ways to carry out this process is to draw the signature directly in Word, for this activate the ‘Draw’ tab, to activate it you must go to file, then to where it says ‘Customize ribbon’ and there activate the ‘ Draw’box.

After doing this you must go to the ‘Draw’ tab, you must select the pencil , once this is done you only have to draw your signature with the help of the mouse.

With a signature image

This is another of the ways in which you can carry out your digital signature, for this you only have to do the following, on a white sheet make your signature, it must be well marked on the sheet so that it can be appreciated. Once Once this is done, take the signature photo, make sure that the image has no shadows or smears and that it is without flash-

The next step is to transfer it to your computer. Open the Word document where you want to insert the signature . Once this is done you must go to ‘Insert’ click on images and look for the signature photo, select it, then go to ‘Image format’ to edit it and make the background look whiter.

To remove the background, once you are in ‘Image format’ click on ‘Color’ and go to define transparent color, click on the background of the image (without touching the part of the signature) and the background. And we can also do it as ‘Image’, that is, we take the photo of our signature made on a white sheet and add it to the document.

You can choose the method you want. In addition, where it says add signature, the option to add your initials appears and for this you can also modify them according to the text, drawing or image options.

Inserting a line to make a physical signature

This procedure allows the person signing to either use a digital signature or print the document and add a physical signature, however, keep in mind that the signature line will remain there.

For this you must open the document, then place the cursor at the point where you want the signature, after this, go to insert, click on the signature line in the text section of the Office ribbon.

Following this, read Microsoft’s disclaimer policies regarding signatures and click ‘OK’, then you need to fill in the information about the person who will sign the document, click OK, and the signature line will appear there. .

How do you convert a Word document to PDF?

This is done, since when you convert the documents to PDF you will obtain greater benefits, such as that your document maintains its main design and does not change in any way.

This program called Microsoft Word, has become one of the most used in the world, however, PDF is not far behind , this program seeks to keep both its design and its content intact when it is opened.

From Word

Now, to carry out this process of converting a document from Word to PDF you must do the following: open the document you want to convert, then go to file and then on ‘Save as’.

A window will appear, there go to the file format, and ‘Choose the format’ will appear in the menu, then the option ‘Ideal for printing’ will appear selected , there you just have to click on Export and that’s it, your PDF file is ready.

Using web pages like SmallPDF and iLovePDF

When we want to add a signature either manually or digitally, in addition to conventional programs such as Word, there are also other ways through the web such as SmallPDF andthe iLovePDF web.

With SmallPDF you don’t need to install any application, since this tool is available on the web, it also allows you to sign your document in three different ways , drawing your signature, uploading a photo with your signature or using the camera.

With iLovePDF, you don’t need to install any app either, but you can find it in the same way on the web, it allows us to sign only in two ways, freehand, that is, with the help of our mouse.

What is done to add a digital signature in a PDF document?

Carrying out this is very simple, you must download a program called Adobe Reader DC, it is completely free, once this is done, we go to open the document that we want to sign. Then we will click on File, once there we will click on tools and select ‘Fill and sign’, a tab will open and we will click on Add signature.

There we will have three options, in the form of ‘Text’, by this means we can add a text as a signature, and do it with different styles, we can also do it as ‘Drawing’, we will make our signature with the help of the mouse. It’s that easy to make your digital signature.

You can also make your signature, doing it on a sheet and taking a photo so you can insert the image behind the text in the document you want .



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