Unknown network error on Instagram: how to fix it

\ The Instagram warning that there is an unknown network error is quite common and surely you have noticed it on some occasion when you are going to perform an action within the application, so you should know some solutions to solve it.

The simple message itself can already give us a clue of what is happening, it seems that the incident resides on the Internet , in some connection problem, although it could also be related to a crash of Instagram itself or an error on your own phone.

There is no single effective solution with which you can solve the problem, you will have to try all the options that we are going to offer you below to see if the Instagram error message does not appear anymore, although do not rule out that it returns in a future.

Check that you have Internet

The first option is to rule out that your mobile has connection problems , that is, you will have to verify that you actually have Internet on your mobile. It would be enough, for example, to enter your mobile browser and access the Google website, if it does not load, there are problems.

In case it loads well, you have an Internet connection, so if Instagram keeps crashing and reporting the unknown network error, we could already be talking about a social network crash that, although it does not happen often, can happen anywhere. moment.

Restart your smartphone

Another aspect to try is the restart of the mobile , it is something quick and easy to execute and something with which you can save yourself a lot of problems, including this one that you could solve. As in Windows, restarting your smartphone could solve many errors.

That will cause, for example, the Internet connection to be reestablished and be as effective as activating the phone’s airplane mode, what happens is that it takes a little longer and if the problem is in the connection, this is probably the solution .

Disable and enable connections

On your mobile it is time to remove the WiFi or the data rate and reactivate them about 10 seconds later, you can also activate the airplane mode for a few seconds and deactivate it after another time, so that the mobile connection can be reestablished.

After performing these small actions, go back to Instagram and check that now you do not have problems entering Instagram, if it is really an incident with your mobile connections, what we have indicated above should be the solution.

Update Instagram

Having tried the two previous solutions and seeing that they still do not work, now you must continue with other methods, in this case do not hesitate to update Instagram since the notification that alerts you of an unknown network error could be due to an error in the application.

It is something in which you do not take two minutes of time and by the way, apart from being able to correct errors like this, you will have an app with the latest news in terms of new functionalities, if any, security improvements and in the general operation of Instagram , etc.

Clear your Instagram cache and data

It is time to make another decision, clear the data and the cache of Instagram for Android . This is something that you can easily do by going to settings / applications / all applications and entering Instagram, there you will find the two options, run one and then another.

In most cases this simple action usually solves all the problems that affect Instagram and you would have to check if it also does it with this and the notification of unknown network error also disappears.

Check that Instagram works

The network error that Instagram warns you about may be causing a problem and one of the reasons could be that the social network is down , which you might notice when using the app; Instagram Stories do not load well, there are parts that get hung, you cannot see publications, etc.

When Instagram is down there is not much to do other than wait for the service to be restored after a few minutes in case what is causing the fall is something easy to solve, otherwise you will have to wait a little longer.

None of the options have worked for you? It is time to contact Instagram and notify them that an unknown network error appears that there is no way to solve with any of the previous methods, we will have to see if they give you some kind of solution in this regard.

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