How to charge iPhone without cable

The convenience of charging a smartphone via wireless, ie without annoying cables in between, can provide a feeling of “freedom” in some ways comparable to the use of lightweight earphones that do not have any type of wire. After a long time, you too have internalized the question and are in fact looking for opportunities to do so.

More precisely, you are wondering how to charge an iPhone without a cable . Well, you must know that Apple itself over the years has realized the excellent possibilities offered by wireless charging, consequently launching several official products that allow you to reach your goal.

Do not worry in any case: here there will also be a way to deal with some third-party solutions linked to specific needs, which could be useful in certain contexts. In short, I am going to deepen a bit everything there is to know on the subject. How do you say? Are you ready? Perfect, then you just have to continue with the guide: happy reading!


  • How to charge iPhone with MagSafe power adapter
  • How to charge an iPhone without a cable
  • How to charge two iPhones without a cable
  • Increase iPhone battery life

How to charge iPhone with MagSafe power adapter

Since you’re wondering how to charge an iPhone without a cable , I can’t help but start from the MagSafe power adapter .

Introduced from the iPhone 12 range and also compatible with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series , the latter is an accessory that features magnets that line up directly to the back of the iPhone , allowing the latter to be recharged wirelessly to 15W .


Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

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In case you were wondering: yes, the MagSafe power adapter features compatibility with Qi charging . What does this all mean? That if you are wondering, for example, how to charge an iPhone X without a cable (or an iPhone 8 or later ), you might think about using the MagSafe power supply as you would with any Qi certified base . The magnetic alignment, however, only works with the models mentioned above. However, you may clearly want to check out some third-party Qi loaders as well .


Belkin BoostCharge 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad, S Edition …

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Net of this, it might interest you to know, if you have an Apple Watch compatible with wireless charging that you usually pair with your trusted iPhone, that there is also the MagSafe duo power supply . Put simply, the latter allows you to charge iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time . The product can be folded , so as to be easily transportable. Keep in mind, however, that with iPhone models later than line 13 there are small alignment problems of the phone on the base (which in any case do not prevent correct charging of the devices in question).


Apple MagSafe duo power supply

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In any case, wireless charging always takes place in a very simple way: in fact, all you have to do is connect the charger to the power outlet and place the iPhone on its base with the display facing upwards : if everything went well. right, you will see that it will start charging .

For the rest, I want to clarify that on a general level , wireless charging is even slower than cable charging , so you might be interested in taking everything into consideration. In this regard, if you want to deepen the subject, you can refer to my guide on how to charge the phone quickly , in which I have considered several issues that you may find interesting.

How to charge an iPhone without a cable

How do you say? You don’t want to have anything connected to the power outlet (as happens in the case of wireless chargers ) but you still want to understand how to charge iPhone without a USB cable , perhaps through some sort of wireless power bank ? No problem, in this case there is the MagSafe Battery Pack .

The latter is an official Apple accessory that aligns via magnets (and stays firmly attached) to the back of the iPhone 12 , iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 . There is nothing to turn on: wireless charging takes place automatically . In this way, according to Apple’s data, you can get, for example, up to 70% additional charge on the iPhone 13 mini , as well as up to 40% additional charge on the iPhone 14 Pro Max .

All this without cables and without having to go through the now “obsolete” cases with integrated battery that were used a few years ago. Among other things, it is also possible to eventually connect a 27W or higher power supply to the MagSafe Battery Pack, for example those related to the MacBook world . Furthermore, using a Lightning cable , it is possible to “transform” it into a sort of 15W wireless charger .


Apple MagSafe Battery Pack (per iPhone 12 – iPhone 14)

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How to charge two iPhones without a cable

If you are two in your family who have an iPhone and you often find yourself “fighting” over the power outlet, you may be looking for a way to charge two iPhones without a cable .

Well, a possible solution could be simply to buy two of the aforementioned MagSafe Battery Packs , but clearly this may not be enough to completely solve the question. It might therefore interest you to know that over the years some third-party manufacturers have made accessories that actually allow you to charge two iPhones at the same time .

However, frankly, I recommend that you evaluate the purchase of this type of product well. Firstly because they are not linked directly to Apple, but secondly because generally only one of the two iPhones is actually charged wirelessly . In fact, the “trick” that is often used is to insert a single wireless charger for one iPhone, then passing the cables underneath for the other.

Of course, it could be said in some ways, given that the cable is almost “not seen” , that the solution could potentially be useful in certain contexts. However, you understand that it is not really a double wireless charging and it is also for this reason that I recommend you to deepen everything. Also consider that there are several third-party solutions out there , so it’s difficult for me to give you specific guidance on this.


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For the rest, if you are looking for a replacement Lightning cable , as perhaps the one you had available could be broken, I suggest you take a look at the official Apple guidelines , so as to better understand how to avoid counterfeit products or not certified .

If you want some advice, in the specific case of Lightning cables you might want to take a look directly at the official Apple store on Amazon .

Increase iPhone battery life

If none of the solutions proposed above has been of help to you, I think you may be interested in learning more about the energy saving possibilities related to the iPhone.

In this regard, the first thing you can do to increase the battery life of the iPhone, as well as clearly limit its use, is to reduce the brightness of the screen by calling the Control Center . Then swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top (or, if you have an iPhone X or later , from the top right end of the screen to the bottom ) and act on the adjustment bar (the one with the icon of the sun ) to reduce the brightness.

Among other things you can do to increase the battery life of your iPhone, there is also the deactivation of Wi-Fi , data connection and Bluetooth . In this case, however, you must know that by acting from the Control Center these functions will not be disabled but will only be temporarily paused. For total deactivation, tap on the gear icon on the home screen of your iPhone to access the iOS Settings , then tap on the Wi-Fi , Bluetooth and Cellular items and move the lever next to the Wi-Fi optionsBluetooth and Cellular Data from ON to OFF (clearly if you don’t need them).

For the rest, if you are using an iPhone equipped with an iOS version equal to or higher than 10, even deactivating the Raise to activate function potentially helps to extend the battery life, especially if you usually move your iPhone from one side to the other. ‘other. Then access the iOS Settings by pressing on the gear icon , tap on the Screen and brightness item and move the lever next to the Raise option to activate from ON to OFF .

Excluding the adjustment of the screen brightness and the deactivation of Wi-Fi, data connection and Bluetooth, I especially recommend activating the Energy Saving function , which usually allows you to limit, for example, background activities such as updating emails and performing downloads. To activate energy saving, access the iOS Settings , tap on the Battery item and move the lever next to the Energy saving option from OFF to ON .

In any case, if you want to learn more about the topic and learn about other solutions of this kind, you may want to take a look at my guides on how to increase the battery life of the iPhone and how to save the battery of the iPhone


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