How to change the game resolution for a screen in Fortnite

The resolution of the screen in games is a fundamental issue to be able to play in a good way. Since this allows you to see the game better and in the case of Fortnite, have a better visualization of the battlefield and therefore of the enemies. For these reasons, we will see how to change the resolution of the game for a screen in Fortnite . As well as the requirements that must be met and limitations that exist when making changes to said resolution.

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  1. What are the limitations to modify the resolution in Fortnite?
    1. Screen resolution
    2. The internet requirement
    3. The amount of processing
  2. What is the way to change the resolution within Fortnite?
    1. Being in a game
    2. Before starting a new game
  3. Where do you check what was changed in the resolution of this game?
  4. Why are there no changes when modifying the Fortnite resolution?

What are the limitations to modify the resolution in Fortnite?

The resolution of the screen or the Fortnite game cannot be done with all the freedom in the world, since there are a series of limitations that prevent Epic Games users from making the modifications they want.

In this sense, you always have to adapt to the resolution of the device screen or the internet speed of the game. In the same way, in order to run the game, the device must have other types of minimum requirements when downloading the game and doing the respective installation.

Screen resolution

The screen of the device cannot go beyond a standard resolution, otherwise it would be forced. Therefore, the in-game resolution setting should not exceed the resolution of the device’s screen for normal daily use.

The internet requirement

The internet also plays a fundamental role when you want to change the resolution of the game. Since if you put a very high resolution and the internet speed is very low, there will not be compatibility between both functions. Therefore, the game will not run smoothly and the user will encounter connection problems and the game will stop in the middle of the games.

For these reasons, the resolution should not be too high to adapt well to the speed of the internet. In this way, the game will serve excellently and you will be able to play without any inconvenience.

The amount of processing

Finally, you must take into account the amount of memory processed by the computer or the device used. Since you can not force the processor to play if you do not want the device to start to fail and therefore get damaged. In this sense, the resolution should be standard and not very high so that the processor does not work too hard showing the graphics of the game. This way the game will work correctly and it will not stay stuck, it will not come off and the movements of the Fortnite avatar will be fast and precise.

What is the way to change the resolution within Fortnite?

To apply changes to the resolution within the Fortnite game you must have downloaded the game or look for it on the screen. From there, you have to open this software and enter the account that must be previously created to have an avatar, which is a fundamental requirement for the use of Fortnite.

Being in a game

When a game of Fortnite is already playing, it is more difficult to make the game resolution changes. Since not all options are available at the time the game starts. This is because the change in screen resolution provides some advantage to players who have the larger screen, since they can better visualize their opponents.

To make the small changes that this part of the game allows, you just have to go into its settings. Then you have to enter the resolution section and from there, make the necessary changes so that the screen adjusts to your needs and then test those changes in a game.

Before starting a new game

On the other hand, before starting to play, if there are more changes to be made in the resolution of the game. To start you have to go to the Epic Games page and enter the game, then on the home screen you must click on the three horizontal bars that open the menu.

Then, you have to press the gear that appears on the right side, which gives access to the graphics and resolution settings. From there you can apply the necessary changes in video resolution and 3D resolution to better adapt the screen to the game.

Next, to save the changes , you have to press the button called alt on the computer keyboard. After this the effect of the screen will look bigger and you can play with a greater advantage. Since these changes expand the field of view of the field of play, therefore you can see enemies faster.

Where do you check what was changed in the resolution of this game?

Changes made to the screen resolution can be easily noticed on the screen . Since these settings generally seek to enlarge the size of the screen to better see the game. So if the screen doesn’t resize, you can see that no changes have been made. Similarly, when the game starts, you can verify that these changes have been saved within the game settings. To do this, you must enter the settings area and from there, open the graphics and resolution part.

Why are there no changes when modifying the Fortnite resolution?

If the changes are not made, the Fortnite game may not be working properly . Therefore you must determine if there is any failure with the game or with the device where you are trying to play. It is recommended to always update the game tab each time a significant change is made within the gameplay of the game.

Similarly, you may not have applied the changes because you missed the save button. Remember that a simple trick to do the save within the game is to press the alt button on the keyboard that has the computer.


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