How to change my username or nick in HouseParty – Personalize your account

HouseParty It is a video call application which has been on the market for many years, since it was launched at the end of 2016. But with the confinement that we had from 2020 due to COID-19, it has acquired many new users, since, In it, it is not only used to make free video calls as in WhatsApp , but we can also play in it to have fun.

In addition, with its popularity being that Facebook tried to buy it, but it was impossible, since science is won by the game company Epic Games, in turn, this application can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

Now, if you already have a personal account in it, and you want to know how to change your name in it, I invite you to continue reading, so you can learn how you can do it.

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  1. What is the importance of using a proper name or nickname in HouseParty?
    1. It can give a bad image
    2. It is the name by which everyone will know you and look for you
  2. How to change the nickname of your HouseParty account?
    1. Enter the application settings
    2. Go to profile edition to change the name
  3. What other edits can you make to your HouseParty profile?

What is the importance of using a proper name or nickname in HouseParty?

Like all social networks and private accounts of this place your name , since, if you do not, people will not be able to recognize you and that is why the HouseParty application emphasizes that it is essential to place a username. Apart from this, we can also tell you that if you do not have a username you will be able to incur these things.

It can give a bad image

Aside from people not being able to recognize you, also not having a name looks bad as some people may figure out what a fake account is and won’t want to contact you.

It is the name by which everyone will know you and look for you

In addition to giving a bad image, a name allows people who are within this social network to search for you and recognize you in the search filters, in this way you can get more friends in said application.

Apart from all that, we can also mention that this application is not only available in mobile versions, but  you can also use it in your PC version. In this way, being your mobile device, you do not have enough space to download it, you can do it on your computer and thus connect with your friends on this social network.

How to change the nickname of your HouseParty account?

As we already mentioned the name in HouseParty, it is very essential, since with it, people will be able to identify themselves when looking for you in said social network.

In turn, through it you can also identify that unpleasant person that you have in your Houseparty account, and later be able to block it. However, if for some reason later you decide to unblock said person, you can also do so.

However, if you are new to this type of application , or you downloaded this application for the first time, and you do not know how to change the name that you have by default in said application, then stay here, because we will give you all the steps that you must follow to change your name;

Enter the application settings

To do this, the first thing you must do is open your HouseParty application, we are going to go to the option that is in the upper right-left part identified with a smiley or emojis.

Go to profile edition to change the name

When we are in this option, we are going to go to the configuration which is in the upper left part  identified with gear (⚙), after we are here we are going to give it where it says to change name or Edit Profile, Here you can change your name battery according to the parameters that are accepted, once said a man is accepted, you simply click on save.

What other edits can you make to your HouseParty profile?

As we all know in all social networks and in all applications we can edit our profiles and HouseParty is no exception; since as we saw previously in HouseParty we can not only change our name.

If not, we can also change our profile photo, in turn we can also edit the privacy of the account, which we are using, whether we were to place our private account or place the public one.

At the same time, we can also manage what notifications are, indicating to the application what type of notifications you want to reach your cell phone and which ones you don’t. On the other hand, as it is already known that this application is also used for video calls, very similar to the ones we make through our WhatsApp, since with it you can also make group calls.

More, however, in this call only 8 people can be added to the room, due to the fact that its parameters do not allow more people to enter it. With this we end our article I hope you liked it and that you have attended how you can change your name in HouseParty, see you in the next one.

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