How to cancel Netflix account

Are you determined to unsubscribe from Netflix? Here we tell you how to do it, step by step.

After the announcement about the end of free shared accounts , you may think that the time has come to cancel the Netflix account, either to give the many other options that exist on the market a chance, such as Disney + , HBO Max or Amazon Prime , or simply because you don’t want to continue paying for the platform.

Luckily, the process of canceling your Netflix account is not complicated at all. You can do it from your mobile or computer in a matter of minutes. And, once everything is ready, you will no longer see charges for the use of the platform.

If you do not know how to get it, we will explain step by step how to do it in this article.

How to cancel Netflix account

from your computer

  • The first step. Sign in to your Netflix account from your browser.
  • Second stepLook for the Account option in the menu that is displayed when you touch your profile image on the top left.
  • Third step. This is where we are going to cancel the subscription. On this new screen, look for the Cancel Membership button . Then, tap Finish cancellation to confirm the decision.

From your mobile

  • First step. Open the Netflix app from your mobile device.
  • Second step. Tap on your profile image in the upper right corner. Afterwards, go to Account .
  • Third step. Scroll down and look for the Cancel Membership button . Tap it and confirm your decision by tapping on the blue Finish cancellation button .

Once you have followed the steps, Netflix will stop charging you for the subscription to its service. If there are still a few days left before your billing, you will be able to access the platform until the last day of payment .

On the other hand, if at any point you want to return, Netflix will keep all your information safe for at least 10 months . If you return within this period, you will continue to have access to your viewed content history, your List, and all your preferences.

Don’t see the button to cancel your Netflix account?

If you’ve followed the steps to the letter, but still can’t get the Cancel Membership button within the options, there is a possible reason .

This usually happens when you subscribe to the platform through a third party . Whether it’s a cable, satellite or fiber company; These companies sometimes offer subscriptions as part of existing promotions when you sign up for their services. In other cases, they allow you to add your monthly Netflix bill to that of the internet/cable/telephone service in question, creating an easy-to-pay package.

If this is the case, you will need to cancel your Netflix membership through that company . How to do it? If you cannot do it from the website of the company that provides the service, you can try calling their service numbers and requesting your Netflix cancellation.


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