How to buy using Mach in the open market?

Currently there are many virtual store platforms that offer products of any type through pages, different catalogs willing to offer a great variety of merchandise of your preference which you will be able to buy in a very easy way, paying with the bank credit card that have at your availability, or through platforms such as Paypal without the need for a bank account.

Buy with care in online stores

Obviously not everything is pink and you should know before buying in an online store if it has a sufficient degree of security and trust , and that it also has all the necessary parameters to avoid any theft or scam when buying in it.

Since this is a very common case with most people who want to buy in online stores but do not check if the same page is reliable, so it is more advisable to buy only on pages that are already verified.

In case you don’t know, virtual stores are very easy to do, in addition to being available to all users due to the large number of platforms that offer to create your own online store so that you can start offering any type of product that you want, you can create virtual stores even on Facebook for free easily.

However, the problem of most people who want to buy something on the internet is that they do not have the necessary means of payment, or the page where they want to buy does not allow paying with certain credit cards, such is the case of Mach.

What is Mach and what platforms allow you to pay with it?

Mach is a virtual credit card which will allow you to use it as a means of payment in some online store platforms and also to be able to buy any product you want , normally this card is available to buy in foreign and national online stores that accept Prepaid.

A very important factor is that the Mach virtual card can be used from your mobile smart device , which means that you can use it from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

Although you must take into account that in order to buy any product you will have to have available in your account balance the money necessary to cover the total cost of the object you want to buy since this platform does not allow a payment in installments because it works as a prepaid card.

That is to say, it immediately discounts the amount of the available balance, which in such case of not having it, the purchase will simply be rejected by the same virtual store in which you are.

Where can I buy with Mach

You can really use this credit card in practically any virtual store , and you can add it in any application or platform that requires entering the data of a credit card since the Mach card provides all the necessary data such as the card’s security code , and the number of it.

With Mach you will be able to buy the monthly or annual subscription of various platforms, among which are the most popular such as Netflix, Apple Music, Disney +, or even Spotify

And you will also be able to use it as a means of payment in different national and international online stores, adding it as a credit card in virtual store pages such as Mercado Libre, Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Ebay among other online stores where you want to buy, below We will teach you how to buy with Mach on online digital platforms

How to buy using Mach in the open market?

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the free market platform or download it on your mobile device through the official Google Play Store and select the product you want to buy
  2. You have to search for the product you want to buy, (take your time and check all product descriptions and seller reviews)
  3. After you are clear about the product you want to buy, click on add to cart and then enter the payment options or the WebPay option
  4. In the payment method section select the prepaid card option
  5. Choose the option “Mach bci” where you will have to enter your Rut and the card number
  6. After that, you will have to confirm your purchase and then return to the free market page and finalize the purchase so that you receive the receipt of the transaction.



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