How to buy university books while saving money

Find out here some useful tips and advice for buying university textbooks at an affordable price!

The new  university year brings with it many new textbooks to buy, on which to study and prepare for the exams, so as to be able to pass them and take home a good grade.

The  university books  to buy, however, can be numerous and lead students to have to face a very  considerable expense. To help you  save on the purchase of the latter, in this article we have compiled a  guide  made up of  useful tips and tricks for you .

  1. How to save on the purchase of university books
    1. Use Letyshops when shopping
    2. Choose to buy used college books
    3. Use the 18app Culture Bonus as a payment method

How to save on the purchase of university books

From  using the Culture Bonus to the  Letyshops Bonus , read on to discover three ways you can save on purchasing college books.

Use Letyshops when shopping

The first trick we want to reveal to you to  save on the purchase of university texts allows you to  get back a part of the money you spent and it is to  use Letyshops  during your purchases on IBS , Mondadori Store and .

Letyshops is the famous cashback  site through which you can receive a partial refund of the money spent on the various online stores that participate in the initiative. Using it is really very simple, just register an account for free by clicking on the button below:

Sign up for Letyshops here

Find out here what Letyshops is and how it works .

Choose to buy used college books

To have further savings, we advise you to  prefer used books  to new ones: second-hand texts, in fact, have a much lower cost.

You can buy used books in stalls, in various bookstores, or  online . Among the e-commerce that allow you to buy used books online in  excellent conditions but at  advantageous prices , we find: Amazon , IBS and .

In addition, we point out that many of the university books sold on  Amazon  are eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime : to save even more on your purchases!

Use the 18app Culture Bonus as a payment method

Were you born in 2003? So our  third and final tip to buy university books and save money is to  use the 18app Culture Bonus as a payment method. Reserved for young people residing in Italy, the  Culture Bonus can be spent on music and concerts, cinema, cultural events, monuments, museums, parks, books, newspaper subscriptions also in digital format, theater and dance, music courses, theater courses and foreign language courses.

You can use the  Culture Bonus  for the purchase of university books on a multitude of e-commerce , including: Amazon , IBS , Mondadori Store and . Available from March 17 to August 31, the Culture Bonus for those born in 2003 can be spent until February 28, 2023 .


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