How to buy Robux on Roblox

Roblox has won the affection of many users around the world and it is due to its gigantic catalog of available video games . And as expected, the platform is totally free and is available for various platforms such as: PC, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire OS and Xbox One .

As we know, each online title has its own currency, which allows you to acquire objects within the game. In this case we are talking about Robux , a currency that is used to buy clothes , accessories and thus be able to equip your avatar to your style.

If you want to modify the appearance of your avatar and make it more attractive in the eyes of other members, it is time to fill your wallet with Robux. Therefore, today we show you how to buy Robux on Roblox and thus add value to your digital wallet. Join us!

What can I buy with Robux

As mentioned above, the official Roblox currency is the Robux , which gives you a certain prestige within the game. Here are some things you can buy once you have Robux in your account:

  • Roblox Premium.
  • Exclusive clothing and accessories.
  • Pets
  • Special equipment.
  • Game Passes.
  • Game Access.

The amount of Robux that you can have in Roblox is infinite, everything will depend on how much you are willing to spend in the game. Of course there are ways to get free robux , but you will need to be patient.

Now, if you have money and want to invest in Robux, the best thing you can do is learn the procedure to buy the currency in the game , both on PC and mobile devices.

Buy Robux from PC

  • Access the official Roblox page .
  • Log in with your account.
  • Find and click on the Robux logo, located in the upper right.
  • It will show two options, click on «Buy Robux».
  • A new three-column window will open. 400 robux for $ 4.99 USD or subscribe to the tier 1 plan and get 450 per month. 800 robux for $ 9.99 USD or subscribe to the tier 2 plan and get 1000 per month. 1700 robux for $ 19.99 USD or subscribe to the tier 3 plan and get 2200 per month
  • If these plans don’t convince you, you can click on “Want to get more Robux?
  • This action will deploy two Robux packages called Economy Packages , which offer 4,500 robux for $ 49.99 USD and 10,000 robux for $ 99.99 USD.
  • As the goal is to buy Robux, click on the one that best suits your budget.

After this, on the left side it will show the amount of Robux and the price you have to pay. On the right side you will see the available payment processors, select the one you prefer. For greater security it is advisable to use PayPal and click on «Continue» . Roblox has a variety of payment processors, just keep in mind that you are of legal age

  • If your selection was the PayPal payment processor, log in and follow the corresponding steps for any online purchase. If the choice was a credit card , enter the details of the same and finalize the purchase.
  • Now it only remains to confirm the payment, and wait for the purchase to be processed. The time can vary, maybe a couple of minutes or an hour.
  • Once the waiting time is over, the amount of Robux requested will be reflected in your account.

Buy Robux from mobile

The procedure to buy the currency from a smartphone is similar to the previous one . The only difference is in the amount of Robux you can get. In this case, perform the following steps:

  • Log in to Roblox, from your mobile.
  • Tap on the Robux icon, located in the upper right.
  • Press «Buy Robux».
  • Among the options or plans you can see: from 80 Robux to 10,000 Robux.
  • Select the amount and payment method and then tap “Continue”.

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Keep in mind that to buy Robux in Roblox it is necessary to be over 18 years old or at least inform your parents about the purchase, since once the transaction is verified, the money is not refundable.


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