How to be more creative at work

It is increasingly common for companies to bet on creative people ; And it is that although factors such as punctuality, proactivity and speed are important, creativity is essential to be able to stand out in a market as competitive as the current one. Not everyone is creative , but luckily, we can all foster that creativity. At we show you some interesting tips so you can discover how to be more creative at work .

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Steps to follow:


Although it is not essential to be more creative at work, the truth is that what is important? Being tidy, because finding things faster will make us less angry, faster, and have more time to dedicate to our creativity sessions. For this reason, we have to take enough time to bring order to our desk. Make it look clear and clean.


Rest is very important . It is not about being paused all the time, but every two hours we should be able to get up and stretch our legs, will this make us more creative? No, but it will make our mind much more relaxed and rested, which undoubtedly encourages creativity.


If we get fully into how to be more creative at work, one of the essentials is to have a notebook to write down our ideas . These ideas can come up at any time and in the most absurd way we can imagine. For this reason, it is important to always have a notebook with you. There we will write down those ideas, or the germ of them, and then, calmly, we can begin to develop them.


It is interesting to save a few minutes a day to brainstorm . In these sessions we will have to write down everything we can think of, obviously related to a topic or project we are working on. Aiming everything is aiming absolutely everything, even if it seems silly and without any sense. These ideas, little by little, can take shape if we work on them. We would be surprised at the number of good ideas that have emerged from these brainstorming, in which a priori everything seems disjointed and chaotic. It is interesting to brainstorm with coworkers who are involved in our projects.


To be more creative at work, there are times when it is interesting to get away from our surroundings . For this, tools such as reading or even the Internet can come in handy. Read books that stimulate your mind, with new and interesting topics. Browse through fun and creative pages, trying to escape the routine.


While it is true that relying on fashions can be interesting, we should not be slaves to them. Trend setting, as a general rule, is usually related to fresh things, different things. We can build on current needs, but it’s also good to explore a little further.


The same is true of popular culture. Television or radio can cloud our creative streak a little, greatly conditioning our ideas. It is better to be little polluted, to feel much more pure. Observe reality from another angle and squeeze it to get a good idea.


As for techniques to develop our creativity at work , we can, for example, have a journal of thoughts and metaphors. It is a little different from the notebook of ideas, because in this case we will write down all our thoughts. Among all those phrases that haunt our heads every day, a good idea always hides, you just have to identify it. We can also play fun games such as associating words or mixing different objects that give one. All this will increase our creativity.

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