How to be an Uber driver

Uber is the main provider of transportation services through an application. In the cities where Uber operates, you can request a ride through this application , it is ideal because it connects passengers with drivers and offers a quality service .

How to be an UBER Driver – Requirements to Enter UBER

Would you like to work at Uber, but you still don’t know the requirements to offer your services as a driver? Below you will find all the information on how to drive in this company .

Simple requirements to be a driver in Uber

Car requirements:

  • Less than 10 years old.
  • That have 4 doors.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Double Airbag.
  • You must have a valid registration.
  • Circulation permit.

Required Driver Documents:

  • Updated background certification
  • Identity card
  • Be 21 and up

With these simple requirements you can be an Uber driver, you just have to keep these important aspects in mind:

  1. Register with Uber : you can complete all the registration online , you just have to put your cell phone, your email and some personal information.
  2. Upload your documents: when you have completed the registration, you must upload a photo of your driver’s license, circulation permit and background certificate .
  3. Ready to drive: when your data is reviewed and approved, at that moment you can install the UBER application  from the Play Store , once connected you can start earning money.

An important fact when uploading the photo of your license is that you must be careful with the Flash since this by reflection could make it difficult to see your data when it is being evaluated.

The certificate of your background must be a maximum of one month of issuance, which you can acquire in a civil registry office. Upload the document taking into account that all the fields are visible

As for the license of the car you are going to drive, you must take a photo in which it is complete. Remember that the year of the car must be from 2009 onwards.

Want to be an Uber driver but don’t own a car?

This is what you will need to do to work at Uber even if you don’t own your own car . You must find a car owner who has one available for you to drive, shortly we will explain how you should do it:

  1. Register as a Driver Partner: when installing the application, you must go to the button below, register your data and press the option: « I want to drive, but I don’t have a car «, then as we have indicated, you must upload your valid license.
  2. Find the person who has the car  you should look for someone who owns a car and is looking for someone to drive it, it can be a friend or family member.
  3. Link the account: if you find someone and decide to link to their data, you must contact support in order to link your account and that of your partner indicating their email .

Another important aspect that you should take into account, if you want to serve as a driver in Uber is the following:

Users love to use Uber, so as a driver you should take care of your appearance and hygiene , as this will demonstrate a reflection of your commitment to provide quality service. It is recommended that you wear a suit and tie to look professional .

And one of the advantages of being a driver at Uber is that you can work in the time you have available, without fixed hours .

One of the main reasons why users love Uber is the availability of this service . For this reason, we hope that the information has been helpful and you can make yourself available to work in this means of transport. If you want to find more information about Uber, we invite you to access our blog where you will find the answers to your concerns.


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