How to archive emails

Unless you are using an email service with infinite space, sooner or later you will find yourself in the situation of having to archive emails, both to free up space in the mailbox, and to make everything more tidy.

The first solution that comes to mind to free up space when the mailbox is full is to delete older emails but this is a long procedure and old emails cannot always be deleted. Much better to archive email locally by creating a local archive that can be consulted at any time.

In this short article, without wasting too much on useless chatter, I will explain in detail how to archive emails and I will show you some free programs that can help you in this operation.

Archive emails

Let’s start by saying that if you use Microsoft Outlook as an e-mail program then you can create .pst files to store your mail on your computer; it is a rather simple and quick procedure and it is all described in this guide.

However, if you prefer not to use pst files and you want a more professional solution for archiving emails then you will need to download a dedicated program. On the internet there are many software that allow you to manage an email archive but only a few are free and valid.

I advise you to try MailStore Home , a free but very powerful and complete software to catalog all your emails, unfortunately only available in English.

First download the software from the official download page by pressing the Downoad MailStore Home (Free) button and then install the program following the instructions on the screen.

Once the installation procedure is complete, start the MailSore program, press the Archive E-mail item in the left pane to start the wizard to archive emails.

You will be asked to choose the email provider you use (e.g. gmail). If the mail provider is not present in the list then you will have to enter the parameters for the connection (first of all the imap address); in principle MailStore Home is able to intercept the parameters for most of the e-mail services for which you will find the fields already pre-filled.

Once you have selected the email provider and entered the email address with the password you will be ready to configure the archiving process.

In the next screen you have to select the folders for which you want to archive the emails and once done you have to press the button marked Next. At this point, the email archiving procedure will begin immediately, which could take several minutes depending on the amount of emails to be archived and the network speed.

Once the procedure for archiving emails has been completed, from the main screen of the program you can export the emails and also record them on a DVD by clicking on Export E-mail.

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