How to delete saved Instagram stories from archive?

Instagram stories are undoubtedly one of the most used functions in this social network. Due to its varied number of features and forms of interaction, this section on the platform is a very convenient way to establish a more direct connection with followers .

Among the options that exist in Instagram, is to save the stories in this app , reels, IGTV and other posts. The user has the option of leaving these files stored in their respective place, or deleting them forever. Therefore, what must be done to delete the saved Instagram Stories will be explained below.

How to Delete Saved Instagram Stories from Archive? – Delete Files

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  1. Where are the saved stories located on Instagram?
  2. How do I delete stories that were saved on Instagram?
    1. With the computer
    2. With the app on iOS and Android
  3. How to delete stories that are not yet 24 hours old on Instagram?
  4. What about the stories that are deleted and you had shared on other networks?

Where are the saved stories located on Instagram?

Upon posting a story on Instagram, the image or video will be located not only on the profile but also in the Instagram archives. And to get there you have to go to the profile and click on the three horizontal lines that are in the upper right corner of the screen. Enter ‘archive’ and all published stories will be available there .

It should be noted that these files can only be viewed by the owner of the Instagram account . Also in this space you will find the stories distributed in the order in which they were published, from the most recent to the oldest.

How do I delete stories that were saved on Instagram?

This space offered by Instagram can be used to keep track of the reach and movement of the account . Whatever the reason for which you decide to delete the photos or videos saved in the files, there is the option to delete them within the platform without any problem and quickly.

With the computer

The web version of Instagram is a very feasible platform for users who cannot have the application for phones. This version has the main features of the original version, however it does not have the option to access Instagram files . So to see the saved stories you have to use the app.

With the app on iOS and Android

The mobile version of Instagram has among its options access to all the stories that have been uploaded to the profile. In case you want to delete these stories or any other file saved on Instagram, you have to follow the steps below:

  • Enter the Instagram application.
  • Go to profile.
  • Go to settings by selecting the three horizontal linesat the top of the screen.
  • Click on ‘archive’.
  • Enter the story you want to delete
  • Press the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Click on ‘delete’ and then confirm.

Once these steps are done, the stories saved in the file will be completely deleted. It should be noted that it is recommended to have an updated version of the application to have access to all these tools.

How to delete stories that are not yet 24 hours old on Instagram?

The Stories have the characteristic of having a time span of 24 hours, during this time the story will be public for the followers of the profile. However, the app has the option to skip this story and delete it some time before it self-destructs , should the user so desire.

To achieve this elimination, you only need to enter the uploaded story and in the lower corner press the ‘more’ option. Within the menu, you will find the ‘delete’ option , and by pressing this option the Instagram Story will be deleted.

What about the stories that are deleted and you had shared on other networks?

One of the positive qualities that Instagram has is having the facility to share stories on other social networks such as Facebook . Using this option the stories can increase their reach and allow the arrival of more followers to the profile. This feature is available if the Instagram account is linked with a Facebook account.

In case of deleting a story on Instagram , when it is deleted, a pop-up window will appear on the screen where the user has the option to choose to delete the story only on Instagram or delete it on all linked platforms


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