How to adjust the time on the Leapfrog clock?

Leapfrog is a brand of device that has come on the market for entertainment, generally today children enjoy spending their time using phones, computers or any technological device.

Also known as ‘Leapfrog Watch’ here you will learn how to change its various settings, such as the time or connect it with your computer , to make it more comfortable to use and use its functions correctly.

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  1. How to connect and sync your Leapfrog to your computer?
  2. How to set the time of your Leapfrog in a simple way?
    1. do it manual
    2. automatically
  3. What to do in case of errors in your Leapfrog accessory?

How to connect and sync your Leapfrog to your computer?

By connecting this device to the computer you will be able to enjoy all its functions more comfortably so you can make the most of it and your child can have a lot of fun with his new accessory. To connect your Leapfrog to your computer, if you bring the CD to install it, it will be easier, otherwise you will have to search the official Leapfrog website to download it.

You can only perform this action if you are in the US, otherwise you can search for the installer on third-party pages or even use some alternatives such as a VPN network created and configured by setting your location to the US and being able to download it without any problem, to connect and sync your Leapfrog to your computer follow these instructions:

  1. When you install Leapfrog and follow the simple steps of the software you will have the Leapfrog icon on your desktop, proceed to open it to be able to connect it to your PC.
  2. It is recommended to have your Leapfrog connected by cable to the USB port of the computer before starting the program, since when you open the program it will automatically search for which device to connect to.
  3. After that, a form will be displayed on the screen where you must complete with user information, when you finish filling out the questionnaire click on ‘Accept’.
  4. If you have an account you must log in, if not, continue with the procedure by clicking on the button that indicates ‘Who plays with this junior tag’ that is next to the image of the device.
  5. Then, enter all the requested information for your child and click on the ‘Finish’ option, then proceed to click on the bottom of the menu to begin.
  6. In this way you would already have your account and device configured correctly, which you will have to confirm when viewing the ad on the device connected to the computer, in this case it will be your ‘Leapfrog Watch’.

How to set the time of your Leapfrog in a simple way?

This useful accessory for children has its own time and if you want to change it, here you will see in a simple way how to configure it. There are two ways to adjust the time of your Leapfrog where you must take into account some details, the first method is to set the time of the Leapfrog device manually and automatically, here you will see the instructions for each of them.

do it manual

As said before, with the first option it is necessary to configure the time manually, with these simple steps you will be able to do it correctly:

  1. The first step will be to turn on the Leapfrog, to do so press and hold the button that contains the drawing or icon of a star.
  2. By doing this your screen will go blackwhere you will stop pressing and visualize a digital clock that has a voice and will tell you how to change the time correctly.
  3. Follow the instructions indicated by the voice of the device and that’s it, you will have your time set correctly.


Another way to set the Leapfrog time is automatically, the procedure is much simpler, safer and used by people. By having your accessory synchronized with the computer, the clock is  automatically configured with the time of your computer, just make sure that the time that the equipment has is correct.

What to do in case of errors in your Leapfrog accessory?

Keep this detail in mind if it hasn’t happened to you yet because it can happen, among its most common errors that occur in Leapfrog is that it completely freezes or presents errors with the software.

In order to solve these problems you will do it from a computer with ‘LeadfrogConnect’ software, if you do not have it installed here you will see its installation procedure:

  1. The procedure to reset your Leapfrog is to connect your Leapfrog via a cable to the USB portof your computer.
  2. Go to the section that indicates ‘Advanced settings’that will be found at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the option that says ‘Returns’ and an option called ‘Reset your Leapfrog’ will be displayed so you will now have your Leapfrog clock reset and ready to use.


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