How to add MIR card to Apple ID

The story with MIR bank cards reminds me of the story of Apple. At first, everyone did not recognize them and said that there was little sense from this. Moreover, many foreign companies did not allow them to pay for purchases. Then people began to look closely and use it as a spare, and after different companies began to distribute a discount on purchase, MIR became any payment method for many. Apple may not give any discounts for using the Russian payment system, but it allows you to link it anywhere: if you want Apple Pay, please, App Store – no problem. Today I propose to talk about how to pay with a MIR card for purchases in the Apple branded application store and discuss all the nuances of its work.

MIR cards can be linked to Apple ID.

When you think about purchases in the App Store, it always seems that this is not for me, I don’t buy applications and I don’t subscribe. But once you go to the corresponding section in the Apple ID, it immediately becomes clear where two thousand a month are spent. Music streaming services, online movie theaters, Microsoft Office, and a few other completely obscure positions.

MIR card in Apple Pay

When Apple allowed MIR cards to be added to Apple Pay, there was no end to the joy. And it’s cool that the idea was supported by several banks at once, because it’s no secret that a lot of Russians use the iPhone. Obviously, as soon as Apple allowed domestic cards to be linked into its payment system, the number of such transactions increased exponentially.

I pay with Apple Pay regularly. WORLD is very helpful.

Just the other day, Cupertino allowed users to buy apps and pay for subscriptions using MIR. Again, a great achievement. Well, think for yourself, earlier only Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards could be added to Apple ID. We are the fourth! (not important, of course). Plus, you can enjoy various discounts on Russian marketplaces through Apple Pay. That’s it, no more problems. Making out, friends.

How to add MIR card to Apple ID

Paying for purchases in the App Store is super cool. I don’t have as much money as I would like, and it often turns out that all funds are stored on the main card (MIR), and not on the linked Visa. Apple does not turn off all services at once, but only sends a corresponding letter to the mail, where it asks to pay for the goods on time. Comfortable.

To link the MIR card to your Apple ID, you need:

  • Unlock iPhone.
  • Open Settings and click on your account.
  • Go to the section Payment and delivery.

Apple ID, linking the MIR card.

  • Click the Add a payment method button.
  • Select Credit or Debit Card.

Adding MIR debit card to Apple ID.

  • Enter all the required details.
  • Click Finish.

That’s it, now you can easily pay not only for purchases in Apple Pay, but also not worry about late payments for subscriptions. We know that among our readers there are a lot of those who use the WORLD as their main map. I think that Cupertino gingerbread will be very useful to you.

Payment method declined – iPhone

When linking the MIR card, I have problems.

I ran to draw up a MIR card as soon as I found out about it on the Internet. Everything was going well until I went to the Add a payment method section, where I came across the inscription:

After that I tried to bind another card. Exactly the same inscription. The first thing that came to mind was the bank’s flaws. After all, the technology has just entered the market. I turned to my colleagues – everything works great for them. I started looking for information on this and finally found out. It turned out that for any card to work correctly, you need to have money on it. After that, everything worked.

In addition to the lack of funds on the card, there may be other reasons for such an error:

  • Restrictions on transactions set by the bank.
  • The withdrawal limit has been exceeded.
  • An error in the bank’s servers.
  • The card has expired.
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