How to add invisible pattern lock to cell phone?

It is characteristic that in Android mobiles there are different methods of blocking the device; Whether it’s a pin, password, or pattern, Android devices have a wide variety of security methods. It is said that among these security methods, some are more secure than others.

For example, the password is usually the safest way to unlock , then the pin would come and finally we would have the pattern. The unlock pattern is a little less secure than the other methods because anyone could follow the path of the password with their eyes, memorize it and then they would have access to your device.

How to Put and Activate the Invisible Pattern Lock on a Mobile Phone?

However, to make this form of unlocking a little more secure, there is a setting that allows you to make the pattern invisible, and if you want to know how to activate it, stay because we will tell you about it later.

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  1. What are the most common unlock patterns?
    1. letters and numbers
    2. five and eight point
  2. How to add invisible pattern lock to cell phone?
  3. How can the pattern visibility be turned back on?
  4. What do you do to hide the unlock pin while typing?

What are the most common unlock patterns?

Unlock patterns often have figures that are a bit more common than others. It is true that the combinations can be infinite, but patterns such as letters and numbers are easy to decipher because of how common they are. In any case, we will tell you a little more about this topic.

letters and numbers

Among the 9 unlocking points that form the patterns of this security method, different letters and numbers can be formed through the path of the points.

Some of the easiest letters to form are “L, C, G, U, V, M, A, or Z.” In the case of numbers, you can form 1,2,4,5,6,7 and 9. The ease of making these patterns is what makes them so common in this security method, so if you choose use it, we recommend that you look for a pattern that is a little more original and difficult and less common.

five and eight point

Common letter patterns like L usually touch a maximum of 5 dots, however, there are many other pattern combinations that use the same number of dots, and the same goes for 8-dot passwords.

The truth is that the number of points that your unlock pattern touches is not so important because what matters most is the difficulty of the pattern . If you use a 5 point pattern that has a good difficulty then your phone will be a bit more protected.

If you do the same with an 8 point pattern, you will still take good care of your privacy , but if you have a very simple 8 point pattern, you should be aware that anyone could memorize it and thus your privacy would be a bit at risk.

How to add invisible pattern lock to cell phone?

To configure a lock pattern on your mobile, you must first go to the passwords and security part of the device settings. You must look for the lock methods and when you see them, select the lock pattern.

After that, you will have to set the pattern that you want to have as a password, and once you do that, you will see that a small option will appear that will say something like “Make pattern lock visible” , which you should not select.

How can the pattern visibility be turned back on?

Making the unlock pattern visible or not can only be configured within the lock method options. As we mentioned in the previous point, when you establish your pattern, you will get an option that says something like “Make the pattern visible”, and if you want to do that, you just have to check that option.

What do you do to hide the unlock pin while typing?

When you set the unlock pin as the security method, which is different from the pattern, basically what you do is enter a numerical combination as the unlock code for your mobile.

With this security method, in most mobiles it is not necessary to activate an option to hide the pin while writing to unlock the Android cell phone , since the pin is already hidden by default.

Now, it is true that the numbers on the keyboard to unlock if they remain visible, but there is no way to make them not be seen, because what cannot be seen will be which number you have dialed.


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