how to activate or configure Wake on LAN?

Wake on LAN for those who do not know, includes a special protocol, which gives us the possibility of turning on a computer remotely , without the need to press any button .

This protocol is possible, by means of the “very low consumption” option, this protocol is found within computers with the sole task of making use of different key and very basic functions, with respect to electricity consumption , which is practically priceless.

Requirements to use the Wake on LAN protocol

  • It is important that the motherboard is compatible as the “very low consumption” mode, this will be the crucial factor to allow the reactivation of it, starting from the network . Likewise, this must be connected to the current in order to start.
  • The network card must support this protocol. Regardless of whether it is simple or that it connects to the connector that corresponds to the motherboard.

How does the Wake on LAN package work?

In order to start a computer in such a way that this is remote through this protocol, it is important that we make use of the so-called ” magic package “.

Said network packet is formed thanks to a 6-byte string, which has a value of 255 in hexadecimal (“FF FF FF FF FF FF”) , the same is followed by 16 repetitions from the MAC address of said computer , which begins to boot remotely.

These ports are generally used by this protocol which is 7 and 9 within UDP. For this reason, when the network card of your computer begins to detect this packet, it checks the 16 MACs , which correspond to its own. Thus it begins to send a small electrical signal, which reaches the motherboard, in order to start.

How to configure our computer for WoL

Although one of the most important configurations is that of the BIOS, if we have some kind of problem, it is most likely that we will have to configure our Windows , in order to use this protocol without any problems.

For this action we must begin by opening the device manager of the Windows system that we have and within the hardware list, begin to open the properties that our network card has.

We will see a list of “Advanced Options” once there, we must make sure that this section is related to the “Magick Packet” and that it is enabled.

Within Mac OS X we must ensure that, in the energy section, the option “Activate the computer by Ethernet” is enabled.

What are the best applications to start a computer remotely

When it has been verified that the hardware is compatible with this protocol and that the function within the BIOS is also enabled, what we must do is use an application, which is designed in such a way that it generates a “magic package ” And that it is sent to the network, in order to start our computer.

For this, there are different types of applications, which are adapted for any type of system. Therefore, it is possible to use a computer, a Smartphone , or even a tablet,

Here is a list of applications that you will surely want to try:

  • Wake on LAN GUI – For Windows computers.
  • Wake-on-LAN – To boot a PC from Android.
  • Wake – WoL (Wake on LAN) – To boot a PC from iOS.

To be able to use these applications, we only have to enter the MAC and IP of our computer and automatically, when it is sent and received correctly, the destination computer will begin its startup process.



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