How to login to WordPress if I can’t access wp-admin

WordPress is one of the most famous and used platforms for the creation and management of web content . Many are the people who use it as a means of work, since in this platform, any type of aspect that our website has can be managed .

From the content, themes to the plugins to create surveys and even to be able to make a live chat , as this is one of the best and most complete platforms. However, and like any web platform, this one is not exempt from various problems, such as the login.

This particular problem puts us in serious trouble when it comes to wanting to carry out any type of management since the page will not allow us to access. In this post we will go step by step, about the problems that can arise, and what is the best solution for each of them.

Never touch the wp-admin folder

In general, when trying to access the interface through which we manage our WordPress page , the first thing we come across is usually a page in which we are asked to enter the username and password .

Said data had to be defined previously, during the installation process on the content manager. Once this is clarified, within the structure of WordPress there is a folder which is essential to access said configuration, for this reason said folder should never be deleted or modified, we refer to wp-admin.

This folder has several internal files, which are always static. This means that all those modifications that have been made within the configuration will not affect its content in any way.

If you want to access the administration panel, you must enter the address of the web page in the browser and add  “/ wp-admin” to the end.

Problems accessing WordPress by wp-admin

Once we are inside the administrator and he cannot locate the direct access to the panel; It is possible that we are unable to make different changes within the web.

To be able to log into WordPress, the steps are very simple, however, on some occasions, a human error can happen  which makes this process a nightmare.

The most common thing, in general, is that our website is hosted within a web hosting , that is, within a server, for which we will also have a username and password for said access.

It is common for such data to be confused with those that have been entered on our WordPress main page, during its installation . While many users record such data as similar, this is not common.

Therefore, it is quite possible that you are trying to access said platform with the data that corresponds to the hosting access .

In the event that the page does not accept any of the passwords you enter, what you can do is request within the interface itself, a request for a password change or, failing that, a reminder.

Once this action is carried out, the page will send us an email which will give us more instructions to access it.

Problems with plugins or themes

To solve this problem, the first thing we must do is access the space within the hosting through FTP;  in such a way that we can see what the folders are and thus be able to make different modifications within them.

When we have managed to access, we must look for the folder which contains the plugins of our page. This folder is usually within the following path:  “/ wp-content / plugins” , once we locate them, we will see that each one of them is within its own folder.

What we must do here is change the name of the folders one by one, in this way we can prevent the loading of the plugin. Once this is ready, we just have to try by reloading the page , and when it starts working, we can know which plugin had the problem.

Once located, it will only be enough to uninstall it or, failing that, try to change the configuration it has.


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