How the minisink works

It is a pleasure to use the mini-washer at home or to clean a car. But in order for the device to function flawlessly, it is necessary to adhere to safety rules and avoid mistakes during its operation.

How the mini-washer works and what you need to consider before starting cleaning – we will tell you below.

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Minimum sink design

In addition to the motor and pump, five components play a key role in the efficiency of the instrument. To ignore their indicators is to your detriment.
1. Motor 
Power ranges from 700W to 2KW. The presence of an automatic relay on the motor protects the device from power surges. To prevent moisture from getting on the motor, it is placed in a metal casing. It makes the structure heavier, but reliably protects the engine from debris, dust and water.
It is good if the model has a cooling system. On the verge of overheating, the device turns off automatically.
2. Pump or pump 
Create a pressure in the range of 70-200 bar (for example, as in the Karcher K5). The pump casing is capable of withstanding high loads. Therefore, there are so few plastic options and many in aluminum and brass cases. These are durable materials.
3. Hose (supply)
Responsible for the supply of fluid from the source to the system. It is not attached directly to the tap. The pressure from the jet can cause cracks on it. Therefore, you need a valve.
4. Hose (pressure)
Reminiscent of a pistol grip. It will be needed to open / close the fluid supply. A fuse is required.
5. Nozzles
Several attachments are included as standard. Among them is the “mud stream”, which removes heavy pollution, washes away sand and clods of earth. Also, the kit may include soft brushes, scrapers, a hinge and a tube that allows you to get to hard-to-reach areas.


After starting the device, water from the pump is supplied under pressure. If the automatic sensor is activated, the liquid will stop flowing, but the pump chamber will contain it under pressure. If the engine is not turned off during this process, an accident cannot be avoided. Therefore, you need an automatic shutdown of the motor.

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Things to Consider Before Starting Cleaning

It is definitely worth checking the unit for warning tags and labels. And make sure that the installation of the device is safe for others and for yourself.

  • Read the instructions for use of the high pressure washer before use.
  • Study all warning points in the manual.
  • Pay attention to the section “Assembly”, and strictly follow the instructions.

Five steps to take before starting work.

  • Pick up the attachment. It is fixed on the “pistol” by turning it at a right angle.
  • Activate the unit via the power button.
  • Remove the block from the ” Pistol “, then click on it.
  • Monitor the indicators on the body panel (if the Full Control system is installed). By turning the nozzle, you can change the pressure readings.
  • Select Mix mode if you are adding a foaming chemical.

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How a pressure washer cleans dirt

How the high pressure washer works:

  1. Water intake takes place through the supply hose. 
    At this time, the motor is active, due to which the pump functions.
    2. The system provides an inclined rotating circle
    It alternately presses on the pump. As a result, there is pressure at its outlet.
    3. The liquid passes through a small-section pipe. 
    Thus, a jet of such a pressure is created, which was set initially.
Modern high pressure units
pros Minuses
Compactness, convenient storage High cost (depending on the material from which the body is made)
Build quality – high, parts – reliable Internal parts can be made of plastic
There is overheating protection and a water filter No hose reel
Pump stop system to save energy
High performance

Rules for using the minisink

To extend the life of the installation, you need to decide what kind of minisink you need (for home, cars) and avoid mistakes when working with it:

  • Consider storage conditions before purchasing. You need a closed room with minimal impact of physical and climatic factors. The air temperature in winter should not be lower than 0 degrees (at the same time, no water should remain in the installation). Otherwise, you cannot do without cracks and damage in the device.
  • Use the washer as directed. One for car wash, another for domestic use. Choose the one that suits you best.
  • Remove excess air from the pump before starting the engine. Air in the pump can cause an increase in the load on the mechanisms.
  • Adhere to the mode of continuous operation of the device according to the instructions. It is necessary to take into account the working potential of the sink, do not overload it and let it cool down in time.
  • Clean the “pistol” from household chemical residues. After work, rinse the “gun” in clean water. Next, turn on the minisink and let it run for about 2 minutes. only with water. This will reduce the risk of aggressive chemicals affecting the installation. In addition to this, you should only use approved cleaning agents marked “for non-contact cleaning”.
  • Don’t flick the trigger for fun. This is a complex mechanism that, when pressed constantly, is subjected to unnecessary stress, which leads to its rapid wear and failure.

City water is often used for washing. The presence of heavy metals and salts in the liquid negatively affects the pump, leaving deposits on it. Filters are required, no matter how clean the water seems. All that is then required is to periodically clean and wash the filter.

Errors in using the pressure washer

  • Lack of filters that should be located at the inlet.
  • Failure to check, clean and replace filters.
  • Do not rinse the gun and the entire unit from foaming chemicals.
  • Ignoring the monthly prophylaxis of the device.
  • Using dirty liquid.
  • Direct connection of the hose to the drinking water supply.
  • Pouring of cleaning chemicals at high pressure.
  • Untimely oil change.
  • Using hot water – at +50 degrees, oil seals, rings deteriorate, the pump breaks down.
  • Storage of the device in winter in an unheated room with residual water inside.

Do not forget about safety precautions. The jet should not be directed at people or glass objects. Children are not allowed to access the device.

You do not need to repair the device yourself, it is better to entrust it to specialists.

A small car wash is a simple technique suitable for cleaning a car or household items. Follow the recommendations for safety and operation, and the device will work for more than one year.

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