How Skype works;5 Tips You Must Know

How Skype works.Learn how to create conversations or group chats to work from home or study with friends by making the most of Skype.

You may be unable to travel to work or school for personal reasons or due to illness. In these “emergency” situations (and not only) it is possible to use new technologies to get in touch with one’s friends or work colleagues.
There are, in fact, many tools and platforms that facilitate communication and remote work via computer , one of these is Skype . This Microsoft-owned platform can be used in both work and school settings and is perfect for working remotely. Skype is useful for making free calls and video calls over the Internet and, above all, for quickly sharing fileswith notes or business documents. Another convenience offered by Skype is the ability to share the computer screen to our interlocutor so as to show exactly what we see on the monitor window.

That said, if you are wondering how to use Skype for work or for a school assignment to do in a group, read our guide to know all the potential!

  1. How to create a Skype account
  2. How to add a contact on Skype
  3. How to use Skype chat
  4. Create a work group on Skype

How to create a Skype account

Before explaining in detail how Skype works to start using this software you must necessarily download the smartphone application from the app store or install the program on your computer. To do this, go to the official website and download the installation file then follow the procedure!

To create a Skype account from a computer or smartphone , after opening the newly installed program you have two alternatives:

  1. Choose to register with the email: filling out the form that is proposed to you. Once done, connect to your mailbox and enter the code you received by email;
  2. Choose to register with your phone number: after writing your number, fill out the form that is proposed to you. Skype will provide you with the verification code via SMS. Enter it to verify your identity.

Then, by clicking on “Next” you will have created your account.

How to add a contact on Skype

Now that you have created your Skype account you can finally test its functioning. First, though, you’ll need to add a Skype contact to your address book . To do this it takes very few steps (and of course the Skype contact of a friend or colleague to add).

From the main Skype screen:

  1. Click on the top left where you see the field with the magnifying glass;
  2. Enter the registered user name, phone number or email address of the Skype registered person you would like to add to your contacts;
  3. Identify among the contacts that Skype offers you and tap on “Add” to send a contact request.

Alternatively, you can also click on the “Contacts” which is always in the upper left but just below the field with the magnifying glass seen above. Here you will find the “New Contact” button. In the window that will pop up after clicking, just type the username, mobile number or Skype registration email of the user you want to add.

How to use Skype chat

Now that you’ve finally added your first Skype contact, all you have to do is start chatting .
Using Skype is really easy, the success of this platform was in fact decreed by its intuitiveness and its simplicity. The Skype chat , after all, works like a common instant messaging chat.

To chat with a Skype contact, just click on the “New chat” button on the left side of the main screen, just above your contacts directory. Here you just need to select one of the three proposed items:

  • New group chat (go to the next paragraph for details);
  • New chat;
  • New private conversation.

In this case, you can use both “new chat” and “new private conversation” to create a single conversation . The differences in operation are minimal, but very important for privacy: “new private conversation” is a mode recently added by Microsoft that involves the use of end-to-end encryption for messages, calls, audio / video files and images .

The Skype chat is very intuitive : at the bottom of the conversation window you will find everything you need to compose the message and enrich it with attachments, emoticons or gifs. The buttons next to the message field allow you to respectively:


  • Attach a file or document;
  • Share another user’s Skype contact;
  • Send a voice message;
  • Other (allows you to create surveys, plan an event, request money and many other features).

The quintessential feature of Skype is the ability to make VoIP calls (ie over the Internet, therefore free). At the top right, in the conversation window, you will find two buttons:

  • The one with the video camera icon will allow you to start a video call (and show your pc screen to others);
  • The one with the phone handset icon will allow you to initiate a voice call.

Well! Now you can start chatting with a work colleague or friend from school, sharing useful files and sending voice notes.

Create a work group on Skype

This program allows you to do a lot of things. Let’s see how to create a Skype workgroup . In fact, if you have multiple contacts in your address book, for example, your school friends or your work colleagues, you can include them all in the same conversation and communicate more easily simultaneously.

You can create a group on Skype by clicking on the “New chat” button on the left side of the main screen, just above your contacts directory. Among the three items proposed in the drop-down menu, select “new group chat” .
Choose the name to give to the workgroup (you can always change it later) and add an image to recognize it in the contact list. Select the users to add to the group: you can search among those already in your address book or send a new request. Click done to create the group conversation!

Great! Now you are able to make the most of Skype’s potential by chatting with a friend or a group of colleagues.

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