How Noteit Widget works?

Sending love letters through Noteit Widget is quite original. Since we resume the tradition of sending notes to our loved ones . Not simple messages through social networks. If not true manuscripts full of personality.

In that sense, knowing the Noteit Widget app , you will know that it is quite safe even though you download it as NPK . However, you will be entertained by sharing drawings or doodles on the screen of your mobile. Having fun with your friends through a code that connects them both.

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  1. How to use Noteit Widget – Get it Now?
  2. How to connect to Noteit Widget?
  3. How to add a widget from Noteit Widget?
    1. Add Noteit Widget on my Android device
    2. Add Noteit Widget on other mobile devices

How to use Noteit Widget – Get it Now?

Since February that we discovered this App, we have not been able to stop using it. Well, initially it appeared with the purpose of sharing love notes on Valentine’s Day. But, nowadays, we use it to send any letter to our loved ones.

These drawings are quite original. Well, you make them yourself as a message. Even if you add text, you can write it in your own handwriting . Sure, on your cell phone screen or with the computer mouse. To do this, you must create a profile on Noteit and do the following:

  1. Download and install Noteit Widgeton your phone or PC.
  2. Proceed to generate an account in order to receive the code with which you will affiliate the recipient.
  3. Locate the create new note button. There you can draw, write, color. In short, display your creativity to make the manuscript.
  4. Share your creation with the love of your lifeor any loved one you’ve bonded with. You should know that you can only link to one recipient in Noteit.

Without paying attention to whether you have an Android or an iPhone. The application offers you a rather peculiar editing panel . Since, you will get a pencil, an eraser, highlighter to underline and blur what you draw. In addition, at the time of sending it, a special code is generated, without which the recipient will not be able to communicate with you.

How to connect to Noteit Widget?

This is one of the most interesting aspects of this type of application. Since, in order to make the link with the other user . It is vital to have the code that will connect them. That way, you can send her love letters or any scribbled notes you want.

Without a doubt, the developers of Noteit Widget promote monogamy. Well, you can only link a user to the App. That is, you are going to exchange these beautiful notes with a single person. Well, nothing more, those two beings will unite their profiles through the aforementioned code.

In this way, the other user will enter the so-called password and link the two accounts. From then on, the Noteit will arrive directly on the screen of your phone as a Widget. With a limit of 20 stored messages, until you proceed to review them.

How to add a widget from Noteit Widget?

It is quite common that you need to perform this action. Since, several users have reported that sometimes the App does not show the Widget on the phone desktop. In this case, you should check if the error is in the apps or in the device itself.

To do this, we recommend you touch the Widget. Although it seems simple, there is a possibility that the note is there and the App starts to work normally . Otherwise, you’ll need to quickly and easily add a Noteit Widget widget as follows:

Add Noteit Widget on my Android device

We have no doubt that widgets are quite useful. Regardless of what application it is, it is a direct access to it, without the need to enter the aforementioned app. Whether we want to make a quick note in Windows 10 . Or, we need to see some WhatsApp message without appearing online. With the Widget, we will have the ease of seeing everything on the phone’s desktop.

For this reason, in the case of Noteit, the idea is that the drawing, love note or doodle. Jump into view on our phone screen. That is to say, that it arrives to give us a pleasant surprise. Without the need for us to enter the App to review it. So, to activate the Widget for Noteit we must do the following:

  1. We do not locate on the main screen of theAndroid phone. There, we look for an empty space. That is, there is no application and we press for a long time.
  2. Immediately, a series of options will appear. We must choose ‘Widgets’.
  3. At that moment, we will see the panel to add widgets. Then it will be time to look for the Noteit app.
  4. When we get it, we click on it so that the cards arrive directly on the screen.

Add Noteit Widget on other mobile devices

You must be attentive with the applications that you have programmed in the widgets. Because sometimes they don’t work the way you’d like. On other devices like PC, we know that you need to use an Android emulator in order for the App to do its job. That is, that you receive on the screen the letters of your loved one.

In the case of iPhones, you incorporate the Widget as normal . In case you see any errors, do the following:

  1. If you want to download the appand install it, you can do so without any hassle. But you want to manually add it to the widgets. So, tap on Noteit and select ‘Edit Home Screen’.
  2. Make sure to place the + symbolright next to the name of the App. That is, the function is enabled.
  3. If you want to remove it, choose the minus sign or off. But you can always put it back by clicking on the top corner of the iPhone.

That way, when we receive the notes, we will immediately see them on the desktop of our phones . That is, it is not necessary to enter the App to see them. Of course, the idea is then to enter and see in detail everything we have received from that special person with whom we are connected.


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