How much RAM does Windows 10 need?

How much RAM does Windows 10 need?Windows 10 is more demanding on the amount of RAM compared to Windows 7. This is clearly seen in the example of obsolete computers and laptops, as well as budget systems. In order not to be mistaken with your choice, keep in mind 8-16 GB. Let us explain why now.

Microsoft specifies 2 GB of RAM in the system requirements for 64-bit Windows 10. We are interested in the 64-bit version, because it is necessary to run most modern games. 2 GB is the threshold. Your laptop or desktop will run slowly, preventing you from running multiple programs at once. Unsurprisingly, 2GB and 3GB laptops have all but disappeared from the market.

It is worth starting from at least 4 GB. If you browse the catalogs of major computer hardware stores, you will see that most laptops are presented in the 4, 8 and 16 GB categories. At the same time, manufacturers do not write that budget models (in the range of 20-25 thousand rubles) with a weak processor and 4 GB of RAM function mediocrely under Windows 10. The laptop is suitable only for standard operations: watching YouTube, chatting in instant messengers, old games. In many ways, the limitations are explained by just Windows 10. It is cramped within 4 GB. If you install Windows 7 instead, you will get rid of unexpected freezes.

The hardware data that Steam collects is eloquent: as of June 2020, the leader among operating systems is 64-bit Windows 10 (87.1%). At the same time, 39.5% of users play with 16 GB of RAM, and another 33.4% – with 8 GB. The most popular resolution is Full HD (64.8%). All the latest large projects have 8 GB of RAM specified in their minimum salaries: Desperados 3, Disintegration, SnowRunner, Gears Tactics …

The conclusion is obvious: for comfortable work and games under Windows 10, you should have 8 GB of RAM on hand. More is better, especially when you want the game to be running, the browser open, and some text document at the same time. Only the browser can “eat off” up to 1 GB of RAM. In critical cases (when dozens of tabs are loaded) – 1.5 GB. We even devoted a separate article to the “appetites” of browsers .

And finally: remember that you can always make life easier for your RAM. For example, do not leave a bunch of tabs hanging in your browser and disable background applications.


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