How much money does it cost to study English in Australia?

Every day we receive thousands of people asking us how much does it cost to go to study English in Australia? Well, if your dream is to come to study English in Australia and work part time plus live the experience of traveling and learning about different cultures, plan now the budget and the documents you would need to meet your goal.

To help you we have gathered the general and approximate costs to study an English course of 25 weeks or 6 months in Australia applying with a Colombian or Mexican passport.


You must buy the flight ticket to Australia once your visa is approved. However, for Immigration it is important to know that you have enough money to buy it.

If you already have a fixed date to return, we recommend that you buy a round trip so that it is cheaper. However, if you are not very sure you can buy only the one-way ticket , since you never know what might happen in Australia :).

We recommend flight search engines like Skyscanner or I want that flight. Do not forget to activate the alerts so that you find out about the offers and buy at the best price. As you know that will depend on the season in which you travel, the airline and the extra costs that you include.


Course value


The average value of an English course per week is around $ 200 Australian dollars. That is, if you want to come to study for 6 months, it would be 25 weeks and the approximate value would be $ 5,000 Australian dollars without sacrificing the academic requirement.

Check out the schools we have an agreement with here. We always recommend that you go to the schools’ web pages, see the photos of the campus and find out more about the culture of each institution.

This value varies according to the college or university you choose, its academic level and if there is any current offer that you can take advantage of, for example there are sometimes promotions where materials or registration is free. You must be aware of our social networks and subscribe to our newsletter to find out about these

Living expenses or financial solvency:

Immigration needs to be sure that you have enough money to stay in Australia. For this reason, it is important that both you as a student and your companions, if applicable, demonstrate a certain economic solvency.

For each year of stay the student must demonstrate $ 20,290.00 per year or $ 1,690.8 per month in Australian dollars,

If you are traveling with your  spouse or companion , this person must show $ 7,100 or $ 591.66 per month in Australian dollars. Additionally, if in your case you are going to travel with children, each must show $ 3,040.00 or $ 253.33 per month in Australian dollars.

We know that living expenses is something that scares, because it is money that you must keep in your account and / or in that of your sponsor, However, there are several mechanisms to support that you have this money. If you want to know them, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us to tell you in more detail about the possibilities you would have.


Immigration charges $ 575 Australian dollars to apply for the student visa , this amount is paid once the application is sent with all the information and supports necessary to support and reduce the risk of your visa being denied.

Medical and biometric exams

Medical exams must be taken in your home country and the approximate value is 150 Australian dollars. However, countries like Mexico, students do not need to take these exams. Therefore, at the time of your application we will tell you if you need them or not.

Health insurance

The Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is the mandatory medical insurance that all students must purchase, it has an approximate value of $ 48 Australian dollars per month and must cover your entire stay in Australia. If you apply with your partner, health insurance should be as well and in this case, it is a little more expensive.

We take care of requesting and processing your medical insurance with the insurance company that you decide to choose according to the alternatives that we give you. Some of them may be cheaper, but they have less coverage and health in Australia is very expensive.

Cost of living in Melbourne

We will tell you how and where you can rent your room and if you need help we do an inspection so that you are sure that the photos you see are what they are really offering. Once you are here, we help you open your bank account, activate your mobile phone and explain the tips for you to get around by public transport.

  • Accommodation:a single room costs between $ 220 AUD to $ 270 AUD a week while if you share it it can cost you between $ 160 AUD to $ 220 AUD a week. The closer to the city center you live, the more prices will go up.
  • Deposit:to rent any room it is normal that they ask you for a deposit of 2 to 4 weeks of rent, which will be returned once you move from that place to another or return to your country.
  • Food expenses: it is a very subjective expense since it depends on what each person eats, if you are willing to cook or eat out. To be calm, count on $ 80 AUD or $ 100 AUD a week.
  • Mobile:$ 30 AUD per month (It is one of the few expenses that you will pay monthly in Australia). We help you to contract the service.
  • Public transportation: Itwill depend on where you live and where your school is. If you have to travel by public transport, it will normally cost you about $ 35 AUD a week. Keep in mind that if you live near the school you can move by bike and if you live in the city center moving by tram is free.
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