How Kobo Plus Works

Kobo Plus is the new Rakuten Kobo service in partnership with Mondadori Store , which allows you to read and listen to thousands of books  without limits , by subscribing to a monthly subscription .

In recent years, digital reading has been gradually expanding, becoming incredibly popular, thanks to the possibility of buying new titles with a single click and to carry a multitude of books always with you, without worrying about the weight or space occupied by the latter. To meet all readers and offer them an extraordinary digital reading experience , Mondadori Store and  Rakuten Kobo have been collaborating since 2012, pledging to keep up with ever-changing needs.

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  2. How Kobo Plus works
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What is Kobo Plus

Kobo Plus is the new service from Rakuten Kobo and Mondadori Store that allows users to  read and listen to books without any limit , by subscribing to one of the available monthly subscriptions : Kobo Plus eBook , Kobo Plus eBook & Audio and Kobo Plus Audio .

By subscribing to one of the three available subscriptions, users can have access to  a large selection of eBooks and audiobooks , constantly expanding and updating, to be able to experience their favorite stories  at no additional cost .

Plus, with your Kobo Plus subscription,  you can read up to 15 eBooks per month without an Internet connection. Once you have reached  15 titles , or have exceeded  30 days , you need to connect your device to  Wi-Fi and sync the Kobo app  or e-Reader to be able to access new titles.

How Kobo Plus works

In order to have access to the Kobo Plus catalog  and start reading  e-books and listening to  audiobooks without any limit or interruption, you need to  subscribe to the service ,  free for 30 days for all new customers .

Here are the steps to follow to sign up for Kobo Plus :

  • Connect to the dedicated Mondadori Store pageand click on the type of subscription you prefer
  • On the page to which you will be redirected click on  Start the free trial
  • Log in with your account or, if you are not a  Rakuten Kobo member, register
  • Fill in the required fields, and enter a  valid payment method, to start using your 30-day free trial

You can also subscribe to  Kobo Plus through your  e-Reader or from the Kobo application  for  Android (from devices with an iOS operating  system, you must visit instead ).

Once you’ve signed up for your subscription, you can find  titles available on Kobo Plus directly on the application, e-Readers and on the website . Titles eligible for the service can be recognized by the wording “ Read with Kobo Plus “.

Your Kobo Plus subscription  automatically renews after your free trial, but you can choose to cancel at any time.

How much does Kobo Plus cost

Now that you know  what Kobo Plus is and how it works, you are surely wondering  how much the monthly subscription costs . To further meet the diverse needs of readers,  Kobo Plus offers  three different types of subscriptions :

    for 12.99 euros per month
    To read and listen to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks on any Kobo e-Reader or through the mobile application
    for € 9.99 per month
    To read thousands of eBooks on any Kobo e-Reader or through the mobile application

for € 9.99 per month
To listen to thousands of audiobooks through the mobile application.

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