How Google Sheets Work

Do you need to create a spreadsheet and share it online and let other people read and edit it? Years ago this was pure science fiction but today it is absolutely normal and you can choose between various services that allow you to publish spreadsheets on the net, one of these is precisely google.

If you have never used google web apps then obviously you may have some doubts about how Google sheets work and here I come in! Without getting too technical, I will explain broadly how Google Sheets work and how to use them.


  • How Google Sheets Work
    • Go to Google Sheets
    • Google sheet creation
    • Google Sheets Sharing
    • Google Sheets Save
    • Working with Google Sheets

How Google Sheets Work

So let’s start to see how Google sheets work by saying right away that they are spreadsheets very similar to Excel with the big difference that “they are web” that is you will not have to download any application to use Google sheets but any web browser will suffice. . The google sheets are therefore one of the various tools offered for free by google.

Go to Google Sheets

To use google sheets you will need to have a valid google (gmail) account, if you don’t have it yet, read this guide to create it in less than a minute!

To be able to access the google sheets you must then go to the google page , press the round button at the top right, scroll down through the applications that will be displayed and press the wording sheets.

Now enter your google credentials to access the web app; from here you can create a new worksheet (google sheets that correspond to excel sheets) or edit an existing one.

If you use a smartphone you can also download the free Google Sheets app available for Android and iOS).

Google sheet creation

To create a new sheet press the + button and then choose whether to create a completely empty worksheet starting from 0 or use one of the many templates made available by google.

Google Sheets Sharing

One of the most interesting features of google sheets is the possibility of being able to share them with other people in order to allow them or to view their content or to make changes; in this way it will be possible to create a working group remotely.

Google Sheets Save

When you are working on a google sheet, saving is automatic; in this way you will never have to worry about saving documents and you will never lose any changes.

At any time you can go back and see previous versions of the Google Sheet; just select the File menu and then go to Version History and View History.

As if this were not enough, you can export any google sheet in excel format (or even in pdf) and save it locally on your computer.

Working with Google Sheets

If you have been using excel for a long time then you will not have big problems to acclimate to google sheets that use the same logic; however there are strong differences in the use of formulas, conditional cell formatting and scripting language. The management of pivot tables, on the other hand, is essentially the same as in excel.

As for the formulas , the procedure is more or less similar. to the excel one but the syntax changes; it must be said that if you import an excel sheet into a google sheet the formulas are automatically converted. The list of google sheet formulas is available directly on the support pages .

In excel as for the other Office tools you can use VBA code (basically visual basic) to create programs within them that extend their functionality. In google sheets, a completely different language called Google Application Script is used for this purpose, which in fact is nothing more than Javascript; for this language you can find a lot of useful information directly in the google support pages .

Now that you have an idea on how Google Sheets work, you just have to get to work and start creating some sheets; you will be surprised by the Find more information directly on the google support pages.

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