How GamsGo works

Streaming services have been multiplying in recent years. Having them all is now impossible, without shelling out a real fortune in monthly subscriptions . Fortunately, all of these platforms offer premium memberships that you can split with other people to save money.

An example is Netflix which allows you to share a subscription with 3 other people . Unfortunately, for any subscription to a streaming service, it is not always easy to find other people willing to do so, and problems often arise regarding the monthly payment of the fee of each person within their group.


For these reasons, a good number of users turn to convenient online services that allow sharing the subscription with other interested people . Today, however, we present one of the best subscription sharing services , its name is  GamsGo , active for three years, and capable of overcoming some critical issues of the adversary services.

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  • 1. What is GamsGo and how does it differ from similar services?
  • 2. Which subscriptions can be shared with GamsGo?
    • 2.1. Is GamsGo convenient?
  • 3. How GamsGo works
    • 3.1. How to sign up on GamsGo
    • 3.2. How to join a group on GamsGo
    • 3.3. How to create a group on GamsGo
  • 4. Is GamsGo legal?

What is GamsGo and how does it differ from similar services?

GamsGo is an online platform where you can easily buy the accounts of the most popular and popular streaming services, saving significantly thanks to sharing . For example, by purchasing a single Netflix account on GamsGo, this can be divided between 5 people, so that the monthly cost also drops to a fifth.

Compared to similar competing platforms, GamsGo has a peculiarity, that is, it is completely automated , once the service has been chosen and the consideration paid, the credentials will be immediately received. You will not have to communicate with other members of the sharing group, and there will be no waiting . In case of problems, you will only have to interface with customer service.

In short, the perfect service for those who do not want trouble of any kind , and simply want to pay their monthly fee and enjoy the contents of the chosen service.

Which subscriptions can be shared with GamsGo?

GamsGo allows you to save on a large number of subscriptions, including some services that are difficult to find on other platforms. Here is a list:

  • Disney+
  • Netflix
  • HBO Max
  • Prime Video
  • DAZN
  • YouTube Premium
  • Spotify
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • Office 365
  • IPTV

Not all subscriptions are visible on the homepage of the site , some are considered VIP and available only after having made at least one subscription to another service.

Is GamsGo convenient?

The answer is absolutely yes , the average cost of a subscription on the service is much lower than that of competing platforms. For example: you can find Disney plus accounts starting at only € 2, Netflix starting at € 3.67 (against 4.50 of competitors), first Videos at € 3 per month, Spotify at € 3 and Tidal at 2.35.

For all subscriptions, credentials are immediately provided and you are entitled to assistance in case of problems.

It may sound too good to be true, yet the site has been around for three years now, has proven to be reliable, and there are thousands of active accounts . Many probably rightly believe this is the most convenient account sharing site on the web.

How GamsGo works

Like similar services, GamsGo is based on sharing, and on the existence of two groups of subjects , those who make their account available and those who buy a seat.

Given all the pros of the platform, in these paragraphs we will see how it works in detail, from registration to signing up for a subscription.

How to sign up on GamsGo

Signing up for the convenient service is really simple, just:

  • go to the GamsGo home page and click on “ Subscription“ at the top right;
  • then enter your email and press the ” Enter” key on the keyboard to receive the verification code;
  • once you have received it, enter it in the appropriate field and click on “Login without registration”.

An even faster way to log in is to use a  Google  or  Facebook account , just click on one of the two icons at the bottom and indicate your account.

How to join a group on GamsGo

Participation in groups is the strong point of the platform, doing it is very simple, you just need:

  • choose a service (in our case we chose Netflix);
  • a convenient page will inform you of all the features of the offer (cost, number of people using the account, services included);
  • premere sul pulsante rosso “Purchase a shared subscription right now >”;
  • then the dialog box shown in the image will open, where you can choose the number of months (the higher, the higher the savings), the number of screens, and enter a coupon or promotional code;
  • once finished you can press the red button ” Go to payment” to proceed with the purchase.

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How to create a group on GamsGo

Creating a group is also quite simple, and follows a bit the structure of similar services.

To share an account in your possession you just need:

  • click on the GG button at the top;
  • then press on the item “ Dealer panel“;
  • inside press on the button at the top right ” Add Subscription“;
  • then choose the subscription to share (for example Netflix);
  • a dialog box will open in which you will have to enter the number of places and months, once chosen you can confirm by pressing the ” Purchase” button.

Is GamsGo legal?

Like other similar services, GamsGo moves in a gray area, effectively not violating any law . It is known that Netflix does not like sharing accounts, but no legislation prohibits it, and the service has managed to do very little to stem the phenomenon.

In fact, using GamsGo seems perfectly legal as long as you are sharing legitimate services (such as Netflix, DAZN, Prime Video, Disney Plus). The situation changes if you share an IPTV, in this case you would be at risk, not because of the service, but because of the nature of private IPTV .


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