How Does Uber Vert App Works

Uber Vert is coming to the cities of Montreal and Quebec to offer ecological journeys in electric or hybrid vehicles. This is in line with the objective of becoming carbon neutral by 2040 for the company wishing to help its drivers make the transition to a less polluting vehicle.

The energy transition of our means of transport continues to take place as more and more people are turning to less polluting solutions to get around.

We obviously find public transport, but the electric car or the hybrid car are obviously at the heart of this transition.

What about means of transport like Uber? Well, they too are going green through a global program called Uber Green.

What is Uber Vert, How Does Uber Vert App Works

Uber also wants to go green and has launched Uber Vert. This is a new option in the mobile application that allows us to select a green vehicle for our trip. It can thus be an electric or hybrid vehicle.

This new option is part of Uber’s desire to become a platform with zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

Although Uber vehicles represent only 1 to 3% of vehicles on the road, this green shift can still have an impact. After all, why drive on gas if you can drive green and electric?

Until now, the most environmentally friendly way to take an Uber was to agree to share your ride with someone on the way.

Now by selecting an electric vehicle or a hybrid vehicle, our ecological footprint will be greatly reduced.

How to order an Uber Vert trip

The principle of Uber Vert is really not complicated and has nothing to confuse us. If you’ve used Uber before, it’s easy to navigate.

Essentially, once we are on the mobile app and select the destination we want to go to, a new Uber Vert option appears.

It is therefore an additional option to the UberX, UberXL, Comfort and Taxi which were already offered. This is without counting public transport which is also displayed on the application.

When we select a trip on the Uber app, we have the option of selecting the Uber Vert option.

By selecting Uber Vert, we make sure to board an electric or hybrid vehicle for our journey.

However, an Uber Vert run will cost us a little more, or $ 1 more to be exact.

Why $ 1 more? To help drivers who have gone green and encourage those who have not yet done so. I come back to this in more detail later in the text.

Uber Vert available in 16 Canadian cities

While Uber Vert is now landing in Montreal and Quebec City, the service was already offered in 14 other Canadian cities.

One can indeed select a green route from Uber Vert in Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Kingston, London, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Waterloo, Windsor and Winnipeg.

In short, in all major Canadian cities it is possible to use the Uber Vert service.

More cities will be added over time as the service expands gradually.

It is found in particular with our French cousins, but also with our neighbors to the south in the United States, while Uber Vert is available in more than 1,400 American cities.

A fund to help Uber drivers

Uber has also created a fund for its drivers through Uber Vert.

I said previously that an Uber Vert race costs $ 1 extra. This is intended to help Uber drivers undertake the transition from a gasoline vehicle to a vehicle with low greenhouse gas emissions, such as a hybrid vehicle, or one with zero emissions with the electric car.

Precisely, of this $ 1, half is distributed directly to our Uber Vert driver. This is intended to help him finance, up to $ 4,000 per year, his choice towards a hybrid or electric vehicle.

The other 50 cents goes to a fund where Uber intends to raise $ 800 million. The purpose of this fund will be to help drivers who still drive a gasoline vehicle to go green.

In addition, thanks to an agreement between Uber and the manufacturer General Motors (GM), people who drive with the Uber app can receive a rebate of up to $ 3,000 with the purchase of a Chevrolet Bolt. EV.

It is also an amount that is in addition to government incentives and grants. Quebec is offering $ 8,000 for the purchase of a new electric vehicle, while the federal government is offering $ 5,000.

This is therefore $ 16,000 in cumulative discounts that Uber drivers can take advantage of to make the transition to a less polluting vehicle.

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