How does Simeticone work?

The Simethicone facilitates the reduction of the symptoms that occur in the presence of accumulation of gas at the gastrointestinal level . This active ingredient is also used in cases of ailments such as abdominal pain, a sense of fullness and swelling .

How does Simeticone work?

Simeticone reduces the surface tension of the small air bubbles present in the mucus and in the material present in the stomach and intestines. Thanks to this purely physical action, it promotes the union of air bubbles , and their expulsion .

How is Simeticone taken?

The therapy with simethicone provides for ‘ oral intake . Simeticone is available in different formulations: tablets, also chewable, capsules and liquid solutions. Liquid solutions can also be diluted in water or added to infant formula.

Simeticone is given four times a day, usually after meals and before going to sleep.

Side effects of Simeticone

Simeticone normally does not cause noteworthy side effects, provided that its intake takes place as prescribed .

Contraindications and warnings on the use of Simeticone

Before taking Simeticone it is important to tell your doctor:

  • of allergies to the active substance or any other drug;
  • of medicinal products, herbal and assumptions supplements, vitamins including;
  • if you are pregnant or breastfeeding .

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