How does inverter technology work?

Do you know what inverter technology is and how it can help you save? Although it is not such a new technology, very few people know about it, but it is very likely that it is already installed in your home, especially if you have some air conditioning in your home. When buying an appliance, one of the most important aspects that we have to review is the consumption of electrical energy. We certainly do not want to invest our money in a device that we cannot use when we want to enjoy a little comfort.

In this aspect, inverter technology is the great solution to this problem. A’s have been d iseñada to help minimize energy consumption, it is difficult to find an air conditioner that does not possess today. However, to acquire this type of technology you must have your eyes set on what you want to obtain and not on what it may cost you now. With better performance, absolutely silent and longer life, inverter technology is here to stay in our lives.

What is inverter technology?

Inverter technology is a type of technology invented by Toshiba in 1981 and can be found in most household appliances today. However, its most frequent use is in refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. It has proven to be of great help in helping to save on energy consumption and reduce service costs . Also, it is considered an environmentally friendly technology thanks to its operating characteristics.

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This technology changes the traditional system of turning equipment on and off. And in addition, it prevents the energy used from being constant from the beginning of its operation until the moment it is switched off. In addition, it adapts a new inverter system that regulates energy consumption according to the needs of the equipment and the level to be achieved . This way the energy consumption will be higher when you need it and can be reduced when you have reached the desired goal.

For example, in the specific case of air conditioners, the inverter is in charge of controlling the rotational speed of the compressor. So it spins faster when you need it and slows down when you’ve reached your desired level of cooling. With which a better performance of the equipment and a greater durability of its useful life will be obtained at a lower cost. Since by regulating its speed, the use of energy is also regulated.

What are the advantages of using an inverter?

Acquiring household appliances and, especially, refrigeration equipment such as home air conditioners with inverter technology, provides high levels of user satisfaction. In the same way, it supposes several advantages both economic, performance and conservation of the equipment components. All this while it is an extremely quiet and environmentally friendly technology . Compared to conventional equipment and its on / off system, this type of technology considerably reduces energy consumption costs .

Let’s see some of its main advantages:

  • Reduction of electricity consumption up to almost 30%.
  • Reduction of start-up time.
  • In refrigeration equipment it reaches the desired temperature faster.
  • Elimination of temperature fluctuations.
  • Surge prevention.
  • Extension of the service life of individual components.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Significant cost reduction.
  • Elimination of on / off cycles, thanks to which there are no voltage peaks.
  • Meets the highest ecological standards.

Is it worth using inverter technology?

When acquiring any appliance we must take into account, in addition to the acquisition cost, the subsequent costs that its use may generate. Consider your energy consumption levels and analyze how much it will cost us each month. One of the characteristics of inverter technology equipment is that they are more expensive than conventional ones. However, thanks to this new technology, they  are synonymous with savings from the first day of use.

As we have already seen, the use of this technology provides us with certain important advantages. Mainly when we talk about the savings we can have in energy consumption. Something that directly affects our economy and comfort, since comparatively speaking equipment with inverter technology will be cheaper than conventional equipment in the future . As long as you know how to take advantage and get the most out of it. So … undoubtedly it is worth using inverter technology.

 How to avoid wasting the use of inverter?

There are two basic recommendations above any other that you must follow to take full advantage of the use of inverter technology. The first thing to remember is that a device with inverter technology does not work the same as traditional equipment. If we are turning it off and on frequently, we will have a higher energy consumption. Each time it is turned on it will generate greater peaks in consumption. Ideally, keep it on while we are in the room to keep electricity consumption low.

Another very common mistake to avoid is setting the minimum temperature in order for it to cool faster. This will generate spikes in power when trying to reach the desired temperature. Ideally, set a medium temperature that is comfortable for you and gives you time to do your job . It’s not going to cool any faster because you rush it, but it will consume more energy and force you to change the temperature every time it makes you feel uncomfortable.

How are inverter air conditioners?

Inverter air conditioners are devices based on the latest technologies in the field of room cooling and heating. And although the most important thing about this device is still the compressor (as in traditional and conventional models with a basic on / off system), it works in a different way. The speed and flexibility of the inverter compressor in no way limit the capabilities of the air conditioner. On the contrary, they allow you to quickly reach the desired temperature.

The key factor here is the smooth adaptation of the power and efficiency of the air conditioner to the thermal conditions of the room. Thanks to inverter technology at the moment the equipment reaches the specified thermal conditions, this device reduces its power. In this way it prevents it from turning off. As a result, efficiency is increased and on-off cycles that cause large variations in power levels and consume more energy are eliminated.

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