How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Since you have found this page, you are interested in affiliate marketing, but you may not fully understand how it works properly and how you can make money with affiliate marketing on the internet.

You’ve probably read and heard a lot about affiliate marketing, but that may have also raised a lot of questions.

In this article I’m going to go over the basics of affiliate marketing so that it no longer holds any secrets for you and you fully understand how it works.

You will also discover how you can use it to make money on the internet.

Ready for it? …Okay, let’s go!


The business model for affiliate marketing is actually quite simple. It goes like this:

  1. You find a great productthat has an affiliate program.
  2. You send potential customersto that product’s website with a special affiliate link.
  3. When that potential customer purchases the product, you receive a percentage of the sale as a commission.

In the figure below you will find an example to illustrate exactly how this works.

Jelle is an affiliate marketer and on his website he gives countless practical tips for breeding a more enjoyable and healthier life.

Mitchel is a product owner who sells a book on the paleo diet to lose weight on his website .

Jelle earns money by forwarding visitors to his website with a unique affiliate link to Mitchel’s website.

If those visitors decide to buy the book, this will be registered by the affiliate network PayPro and Jelle will be paid a commission.

Although the business model is very simple, almost all starting affiliate marketers quickly discover that it is not so obvious to redirect visitors who are ready to buy to the website of the product you are promoting.

Some affiliate marketers are lucky and find a way to run paid ads like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and still have a net profit.

But most budding affiliate marketers find that their paid ads are taking in more money than they are making.

Paid ads can quickly cost you a lot of money.


Since paying ads are so risky, most successful affiliate marketers have learned how to get their website noticed for FREE.

To attract free visitors to your website , you need to offer something valuable.

Yes I know. You have probably already found websites on the internet that try to sell you a “super secret” software that will automatically send thousands of visitors every minute to the websites of your affiliate partners without you having to do anything substantial.

… Oh, I wish this were true!

I better tell you the truth so you know what you’re getting into: it will take a bit of time to earn $2,000 a month from affiliate marketing.

I know, nobody wants to hear this, but just listen to me.


Imagine that you are applying for a job. A real dream job.

A job where you can choose your hours and decide for yourself when you work, from any location in the world where an internet connection is available.

You will never again have to spend hours in traffic jams or sit through long, boring meetings.

The snag in the grass?

You have to work for nothing for the first 6 months.

Would you agree to such a deal?

Because after 6 months you will not be paid once for your work, but month after month again and again.

And you can then apply the process as much as you want to grow your income exponentially.

You can go on vacation whenever you want and you will still make money.

You never have to set an alarm to wake up on time for work.

In fact, you make money while you sleep!

You don’t have to commute to get to work. You can spend all day with your family and pets.

And you can choose to do your shopping on Monday afternoon if you want to avoid the crowds.

Total freedom while making money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

It’s almost literally like building a machine that prints money all the time.

You then only have to focus on maintaining the machine and determining the speed at which the machine prints money!

That is the reality in which my friend Jacko Meijaard lives. He proves that it really is possible. But you can’t expect to realize it in one day.

Give it 6 months, do your very best and I guarantee that after 6 months you at least deserve a nice extra for you and your family.

You will become addicted to it once you start making real money on the internet.


All well and good, but where do you start?!? This is the age of the internet. There is a mass of information available on the internet.

If you want to save yourself the trouble of figuring it all out yourself, then I recommend doing the same thing I did: taking the advice of someone who’s already figured it all out and tried it out and has now optimized a system that you can simply can follow step-by-step.

I started seeing results after taking Jacko Meijaard’s Affiliate Marketing Revolution course.

I highly recommend it if you also want to make real money with affiliate marketing.

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