how does a network operating system work?

In large corporations, most have a Network Operating System . This system allows them to have interconnection between several of their computers. In this way they have access to the hardware and software of the equipment.

Perhaps you have heard of these operating systems or you are working in a corporation where they use the interconnection of their computers through a network system .

However, it may be that you know little about how they work and want to know more about it. Well, in this article we will explain what it is, what it is for and how a network operating system works .

What is a network operating system and what is it for?

The network operating system is known by its acronym in English NOS, that is, Network Operating System . This software has the ability to interconnect several computers, accessing hardware and software, creating a network of computers.

This Software is used to coordinate and manage activities from a computer to a computer network, it also includes tools of the operating system; for example, the tools for the use of files and directories, as well as the maintenance and administration of the network.

Including the tools of e-mail, message sending, the action of applications included in another computer, copy of nodus and distribution of hardware resources.

There are network operating systems with the ability to manage a network dependent on the designs of the equipment used. Among them are: Lantastic, Novell, Windows 3.11, Linux, Unix, Windows 95, Windows NT, OS / 2.

Characteristics of a network operating system

The characteristics of a network operating system are as follows:

  • It allows the connection of all computers and network resources .
  • Manage the central user.
  • Provides security, improving access to data . Access such as: keys, biometric systems, certificates, among others, must be authorized. Executing security policies.
  • It regulates the performance of the network, including that of the system itself.
  • Distribute resources, coordinate privileges when sharing; this improves the use of resources .
  • It allows you to monitor, manage the network and components.


The components of a network operating system are as follows:

  • Servers: They are computers with these systems that give resources to clients, being accessible to network computers, they can be servers or usually clients.
  • Clients: They are computers with single-user systems, connected to work on the network. In contrast, servers cannot share their resources.
  • Domains: They are several computers that carry out a central administration, from a location the administrative resources of the domain are managed; they manage the main service.

LDPA protocols are required for the creation of domains. It may be that a domain of a computer is the server of certain resources and clients of others.

What is the operation of a network operating system?

This system sorts data for fast and secure access. Manage network communication. In addition, it allows the user to easily use everything related to the installation and use of computer networks.

Process inputs and outputs. In addition, it makes it easy for the user to access and control the input and output devices of the computer. Failure recovery techniques control other users to interfere.

Allows you to bypass users from blocking each other. Notifying them if that application is being used by another user. As you can see, a network operating system facilitates the interconnection of several computers allowing access to services, hardware and software, forming networks of computers .

This makes the job of corporations easier. We hope you liked this information and don’t forget to share it with family or friends.


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