How do I know if my Android security patches are up to date?

Security today in networks cannot be a secondary priority, protecting our identity, data and keys is paramount, for this Google always installs patches that serve as protection for our mobile. In this sense, it never hurts to learn or know if my Android security patches are up to date.

Forget someone stealing your information , if you know more than the hacker or any threat to your device, no one can stop you.

How do I know if my Android security patches are up to date?

It’s simple, that’s the first thing you should keep in mind, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to find out if your patches are at their best, that is, updated.

Google always launches newsletters or patches at the beginning of each month, so there is always an entry from where we can consult the version of the current patches and which ones our device has as well as all the versions of the Android system and its characteristics.

To see it we just have to go to ” Device settings “, and go down until you find the option where it says ” Device information”.

Once inside, we can see all kinds of relevant information, such as the device model, the version of Android that is being used and of course what we are looking for to know if the security patches of my Android are updated, the date of the same.

If our patches are not up to date, we only have to look for updates , doing a similar process to locating the build number or Android build number. Each device is different and depending on the version you have of Android, you may or may not have updates.


If there are no updates, what do I do for my phone?

Well, unfortunately almost nothing, Google does not have control over all Smartphones with the Android operating system, you depend more on the phone manufacturer and they do not always send updates to all devices. Unfortunately it is not one of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

Sometimes you can be left with old patches and have nothing to do but wait for your update to arrive (which might not arrive), it all depends a lot on the phone model and the Android installed.

A perfect application to see our patches Yes it exists!

As you read, there is an application that allows us to see the patches that we have installed and that it never hurts to take it into account.

The application in question is called Snoopsnitch, it is for free in the always reliable Playstore and it allows us to know if my Android security patches are up to date, in addition to other functions such as telling you which patch you are missing.

This is not just joy, since it is limited only to mobiles that use Qualcomm chips, and to use all its functions you must Root your phone. Despite this, it is very easy to use and does the job.

As a first step, we must download it, and once installed, the same application will notify us that you can now use it.

We enter the application and in the menu we can see, a section called Android Patch Level analysis. We give it ” Press ” and another screen will appear where we must ” Select ” the button called ” Start test” . For everything to go well you have to be connected to the internet and wait a few minutes.


The application has four main levels which are:

  • Patched.
  • Patched missing.
  • After claimed patch level.
  • Inconclusive test.

After the analysis, it will tell you what level each one is at, and so you yourself can take into account whether or not your phone has an account to protect yourself. A color bar appears at the bottom, the more green it is (Patched), the better.

As a final conclusion

It must be said that Google is a little careless at times with the Android security issue , they pay more attention to their personal models such as Pixel and Nexus, to whom if the patch updates arrive they hardly come out.

This is not why you should change your phone, just that you have to take into account that it is important to know if the security patches of my Android are up to date, because although we believe that we are safe there is always someone waiting for our information. Don’t let yourself be won over by this globalized era.


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