How Chrome Extensions Work

The Chrome Browser is certainly one of the best web browsers currently available, simple, fast and powerful. But if this is not enough for you to choose it as your default web browser then know that you can greatly expand its functionality by adding Chrome extensions.

In this guide, without getting too lost in useless preambles, I will explain how Chrome extensions work and how to install them.


  • How Chrome Extensions Work
    • How to add a Chrome extension
    • How to Remove a Chrome Extension

How Chrome Extensions Work

Chrome extensions are add-ons to the Chrome browser that allow you to customize it to your liking; there are all kinds of them, starting with the Chrome extensions for social networks (for example Facebook) up to the Chrome extensions dedicated to gaming. For example, a very popular Chrome extension is the one to translate foreign web pages into Italian in real time.

Just like for Android and iOS, there is also a store for Chrome where you can find and download Chrome extensions; so all you have to do is connect to the official store and search for the extension you are interested in (by browsing the categories in the left pane).

Some extensions are then real programs that allow you to perform the most varied operations without a real installation; these are essentially not only Chrome feature extensions but free apps that you can install and remove with a simple click as you will see shortly.

Chrome extensions are all free and there are so many that they are often used as a substitute for paid programs.

How to add a Chrome extension

You can add a Chrome extension from the extension store ; once you have found a Chrome extension that you think is interesting, click on it to open its tab with the description, reviews and other useful information inside. From this window, to add the Chrome extension, click on the button at the top right with the word Add and in the window that will appear click on Add extension .

How to Remove a Chrome Extension

You can remove a Chrome extension at any time by pressing the settings button (the button at the top right) and from the menu that will be displayed by pressing the button with the 3 dots next to the name of the extension to be deleted and then selecting the Remove from Chrome item .

Now that you know how Chrome extensions work and how comfortable they are and above all how easy it is to add a Chrome extension, you just have to look for the most useful ones and install them right away. In the meantime, I recommend the Chrome Dark Reader extension that enables dark mode even on sites that don’t have it, the Mailtrack extension for Gmail that lets you know when your emails sent with gmail have been read, the Grammarly extension that allows you to check your texts written in English in real time and the Google Dictionary that allows you to translate foreign words you do not know contained in websites in Italian in real time.


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