How can I share screen while using Google Meet – Google Meet tricks

It is really exciting to be able to share, through the applications offered by internet services , conversations with our family, friends and close friends. When you use Google Meet (whether you download and install it on your PC or mobile ) you can have that experience, because we can share screen on Google Meet. How can you do it? It’s actually a pretty straightforward trick .

How Can I Share Screen While Using Google Meet – Google Meet Tricks

We have prepared this post to explain it to you so that you can use that application more fully and experience that feed back by seeing one or more members who are present in a video call on the screen. Even use that visual medium to share photos, documents or important information.

Allows a screen to be displayed during a conversation

You can use Google Meet for free so take advantage of registering, opening your account and starting or joining a specific meeting . This action can be located in the middle part to the left of the computer.

An audio and video screen will open that we can adapt to our preference. If you look at the bottom right, you will see an option that says “Submit now”, this is the area that will allow us to share documents with others.

By clicking on it, three presentation options are displayed : 1) “Entire screen”; 2) “A window”; 3) “A Chrome window. Best for video and animation ”.

For the first alternative, we will share the screen that we have in the background, be it the desktop, some image, document, etc. The second we choose from an available window that we have displayed on the computer.

If we press the third option, it will allow us to share the tabs that we have open in our Chrome browser. For any of the alternatives that we choose, the meeting participants will be able to see in real time what we are showing them .

To stop showing the screen, in the first two options we can click “Stop sharing”, in the third we click interrupt. Ready! This is how simple this action is.

It could happen that during the meeting that we have in Google Meet another participant is showing his screen and we want to show ours or vice versa.

Well, whoever has the screen open for the moment will see a message mentioning that it is still in that condition. Then, we will make the decision to continue showing it or to give the other participant the opportunity to present theirs.

Advantages you have when sharing screen while using Google Meet

This tool has proven to be a great ally for all those entrepreneurs, teachers, families, among others. The doubts that may arise in a business meeting are dispelled when observing the clarifying data on the screen and if that is not enough, calm down, you can record the meeting to consult any details later.

Companies even remotely train new employees and can use this service to update clients on project changes.

On the other hand, teaching professionals can use this platform to teach remotely and display the content they want to highlight on the screen. Share projects, research, make evaluations, among others.

If we schedule a meeting with our family and friends, we can share photos, videos or images on the screen that will make the moment more pleasant.

Screen sharing while using Google Meet turns out to be a very versatile tool . Remember to follow the little tricks that we have shown you in this post and it will surely be easy for you to use this valuable platform. You can share this information with your friends, family and acquaintances.

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