How Arduino works

Do you have a geek friend who told you about Arduino but you didn’t understand practically anything and you are wondering how Arduino works but above all what is Arduino ? Great, “curiosity is the key to knowledge” so read this short guide and in the end you will know everything there is to know about Arduino and you will probably start using it too!


  • What is Arduino
  • How Arduino works
    • Arduino board
    • Arduino programming

What is Arduino

It is not easy to give a precise definition of what arduino is; wanting to simplify as much as possible we can define Arduino as a system composed of one or more boards with a programmable microcontroller from a development environment. Arduino was born in 2005 and hardware and software are free and without licenses.

The simplicity of programming and assembly of the board make Arduino an excellent tool in the home automation field within everyone’s reach. This is the feature that made Arduino famous; anyone with a little initial effort will be able to create “something” with arduino, be it a sensor, a robotic hand or even a simple display.

Arduino allows you to make all household appliances smart; it integrates perfectly with voice assistants (such as Alexa ) and therefore allows you to control all the devices in your apartment at a really cheap price.

How Arduino works

Now that more or less you begin to understand what Arduino is we can begin to analyze how Arduino works. As I told you, simplifying as much as possible, arduino is a programmable board and therefore the system consists of two parts: the board and the programming.

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